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The Unending Alteration of the Human Heart

Gabrielle Louise

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For the most part, the songs on this record were born in a post-breakup solitude. Living in rural Paonia, Colorado's wine and fruit country, Louise spent a great amount of time in the utter quiet while writing this record, keeping only her creativity as company. Chopping wood, hauling water, and listening to nothing but the falling snow, she looked loneliness square in the face and demanded her own company be enough.

Then, released March 2020, the same week as stay at home orders on account of COVID 19, this collection of songs and thematic content took on a second life of significance for Louise and her listeners, heard in the context of social distancing and the pandemic. Though she was not able to tour to support the release of the record, it was quite a fitting context for this body of work to be birthed into the world...

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Live at Etown Hall

Gabrielle Louise

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Recorded in front of a live concert audience in Boulder, Live at Etown Hall features 14 tracks supported by a roster of the southwest’s finest musicians. The record couples the spirit and charm of a live performance with the careful orchestration and production of a studio record.

It features live favorites of Gabrielle’s original material as well as some carefully selected covers by Mark Knopfler, Justin Evan Thompson, and James Keelaghan.

Released December 15, 2017


Vocals / Acoustic Guitar: Gabrielle Louise Electric Guitar / Dobro: David Kaye Mandolin: Greg Schochet Fretless Electric and Upright Bass: Jon McMillian Backing Vocals: Melanie Jean and Brodie Kinder Marimba: Jonathan Sadler

All songs by Gabrielle Louise except: Cold Missouri Waters by The Fat Man (In the Golden Suit) by Justin Evan Thompson The Ragpicker's Dream by Made for Something More, Breathe Easy, and Pockets Full of Faith by Gabrielle Louise and Justin Evan Thompson

Recorded with a live concert audience in Boulder, Colorado at Etown Hall Engineered by Steve Koppe Mixed and mastered by Tim Mitchell Graphic Design by Andrea Lecos (County Road Productions) Photography by Art Heffron

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Industry (single)

Gabrielle Louise

Industry is a protest song and music video ( against fracking. Her intention is to protest the lease sale in Colorado's beautiful North Fork Valley, as well as to call attention statewide to the dangers of fracking.

released November 2, 2018 Music and words by Gabrielle Louise/Justin Thompson

Recorded by Aaron Youngberg at Swingfingers Studios Produced by Greg Schochet Additional production and overdubs by Gabrielle Louise/Tim Mitchell. Mixed and mastered by Tim Mitchell. Electric Guitar: Greg Schochet Acoustic Guitar/Female Voices: Gabrielle Louise Male Harmony Voices: Tim Mitchell Drums: Damon Smith Bass: Erin Youngberg

Video Direction: Gabrielle Louise/Naropa Sabine Sound Effects: Tim Mitchell Collage Animation and Video Editing: Gabrielle Louise

Photos taken by: Gabrielle Louise/Naropa Sabine With contributions by: Tom Hayden and Jen Sanborn

Actors: Hannah Rose Rose, Melissa Rehfeldt, Elizabeth Woods-Darby, Benjamin Collins, Laura Gordon and baby Cedar Nico Lawless, Maya Arthur, Naropa Sabine, Vicente Perez Martinez (and baby Andres in the swing, my nephew!!!)

Special thanks to Paonia Library. You know why!

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If the Static Clears

Gabrielle Louise

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released September 30, 2016


Gabrielle Louise - Voice, Acoustic and Classical Guitar, Vox Harmonies Brodie Kinder - Vocal Harmonies Melanie Williams - Vocal Harmonies, Flute Rob Jost - Upright and Electric Bass, French Horn Doug Yowell - All Drums and Percussion David Kaye - Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Dobro, Pedel Steel, and additional acoustic guitar on "If the Static Clears”

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Tim Mitchell at Kaleidoscope Studios and Brooklyn Aloha Studios, Union City, NJ

Songs and Arrangements written by Gabrielle Louise except Tracks "Breathe Easy" and "No Moon at All", which were co-written with Justin Evan Thompson

Produced by Gabrielle Louise, with additional production by Tim Mitchell

Cover Photo by Mark Sink Graphic Design by Chris Garre


Andrew Hall - Upright Bass on "Love on the Rocks" Megan Burtt - Guest Vocal Harmony on "Love on the Rocks" Jefferson Hamer - Guest Vocal Harmony on "Where Love Lives" Jonathan Sadler - Marimba on "Graveyard Ballet" Tim Mitchell and Justin Evan Thompson - Vocal Hamonies on "Not Dead Enough”

"Waiting to Give" recorded, arranged and performed in collaboration with FY5, which is: Aaron Youngberg: Engineering and Pedal steel Erin Youngberg: Bass and vocal harmonies Ryan Drickey: Fiddle Rich Zimmermon: Mandolin Mike Finders: Additional Vocal Harmonies

Released by: Sandalwood Records

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The Bird in My Chest

Gabrielle Louise

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Released November 8, 2013

Designed by Chris Garre, a physical copy of "The Bird in my Chest" comes in an original, handmade case that holds both a book of lyrics, poems, and short stories, as well as the record itself, which features the beautiful black and white photography of Kristen Hatgi-Sink and Mark Sink.

"The Bird in My Chest" is an intimate, self-exposing love record. The short stories and poems that accompany it were written at the same time as the music, many of which correlate to the content of the songs or provide deeper insight into life on the road as a traveling troubadour.

Credits: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars & Vocal Harmonies: Gabrielle Louise Upright & Electric Bass, French Horns: Rob Jost Percussion & Drums: Doug Yowell Electric Guitars: Rick Nossa, Jefferson Hamer Vocal Harmonies on tracks 2 and 3: Jefferson Hamer Vocal Harmonies and Piano on track 4: David Rynhart All other Keyed Instruments: Michael Bellar Bass on track 4: Andres Rotmistrovsky.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tim Mitchell Tracks 4 and 8 recorded at Clinton recording studios, New York All others recorded at Brooklyn Aloha recording studios, Brooklyn

Front cover photo by Mark Sink, composite by Kristen Hatgi-Sink Record and book graphics by Chris Garre "Other Words" edited by Yuri Chicovsky

"Colours" written by Donovan "Te Amare" written by Silvio Rodriguez All other songs written by Gabrielle Louise

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