From the recording If the Static Clears


Where Love Lives
words and music by Gabrielle Louise

He’s leading Layla ‘cross the pasture on a palomino
While the cobalt dusk is draining into night
And her seven year old sister rides alone now
Tomorrow you’ll go hiking in the high country
Just your family

Through the meadows tossed in colored constellations
A stained glass window shattered ‘cross the sky
How could you ever wonder if he loves you?
Look at all the evidence the universe provides

It sure seems to me
That when he looks at you he sees
His bride.

You’re dreaming up more roses for the garden
While the girls are finding frogs down in the creek
And tomorrow you’ll be canning up the harvest
Well into the winter you will feast

On every shade of squash that’s laying ‘cross your table
While every toy they have is laying round the room
How could he ever wonder if you love him?
With all of this abundance surrounding you

Oh it sure seems to me
That when you look at him you see
Your groom.

I’m watching you
sweet, but strong
And I’m seeing him
firm, but kind.
All you had to have in common
Is the will to give
And the heart to build a home
Where Love Lives.

You had a vision I was laying down in labor
Candles in the room, a few friends by my side
If my road unfolds half as well as yours has
I’ll quietly be smiling when I die

And now I’m walking with myself down in your pasture
The tides are high and swirling ‘cross an ocean of stars
And I wonder if the day is really coming
When my babies run barefoot in the yard

I hope I am
sweet, but strong.
He’ll have to be
firm, but kind.
All we have to have in common
is the will to give
And the heart to build a home
Where Love Lives.