words and music by Gabrielle Louise

There's an awful lot of words to wade through
and I know that neither of us know the way.
You don't want to hear about the ways I blame you,
I don't want to hear a single thing you say.

How did we run aground?
Once there was so much water, we'd drown.

Mother Theresa makes a daily habit
loving a man she cannot touch or see.
She'd loose her sanity in half a moment
if he looked at her the way you look at me.

How did we run ashore?
Once I was someone you adored.

And oooh, I want to howl at the moon: it hurts!
Ahoooh, will I ever not be blue?

Lets not talk about our rerun sorrows
or spin our wheels inside that ancient pain.
The door is open, we just have to walk through,
right outside is the living day.

How did we come undone?
Once I was someone you loved.

And oooh, you want to howl at the moon: It hurts!
Ahoooh, will you ever not be blue?

I want to take you out in the desert
and make love under a million stars.
The solution might be not to solve it,
we can only be right where we are.

How did the well run dry?
Do me a favor, darlin' -- don't try.

And oooh, we can howl at the moon: It hurts!
Ahoooh, maybe then we don't have to be blue.