From the recording If the Static Clears


If the Static Clears
words and music by Gabrielle Louise

Well he thinks he’s got it figured out
He thinks he’s got it pegged
I’m someone he can do without
If there’s static in his head

He says he’s got it all worked out
But most nights are the same
He’ll bolt and lock his tired heart

Forget about the way
we made the day roll by so easy

And maybe we are a story now
I have told too many times
And maybe he’s an anxious breeze
in the wind chimes

Some days I take it all to heart
Break right down and cry
Some days I take it like a pill
Swallow it with pride

The only way to tell him now
About the things I feel
Is to dress them up in melodies
So if the static clears

It’s playing on the radio
After the morning news
Or maybe in a dream he had

About the way
We made the day roll by so easy