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The Bird in My Chest: CD
  • The Bird in My Chest: CD

The Bird in My Chest: CD

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Released November 8, 2013

Designed by Chris Garre, a physical copy of "The Bird in my Chest" comes in an original, handmade case that holds both a book of lyrics, poems, and short stories, as well as the record itself, which features the beautiful black and white photography of Kristen Hatgi-Sink and Mark Sink.

"The Bird in My Chest" is an intimate, self-exposing love record. The short stories and poems that accompany it were written at the same time as the music, many of which correlate to the content of the songs or provide deeper insight into life on the road as a traveling troubadour.

Credits: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars & Vocal Harmonies: Gabrielle Louise Upright & Electric Bass, French Horns: Rob Jost Percussion & Drums: Doug Yowell Electric Guitars: Rick Nossa, Jefferson Hamer Vocal Harmonies on tracks 2 and 3: Jefferson Hamer Vocal Harmonies and Piano on track 4: David Rynhart All other Keyed Instruments: Michael Bellar Bass on track 4: Andres Rotmistrovsky.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tim Mitchell Tracks 4 and 8 recorded at Clinton recording studios, New York All others recorded at Brooklyn Aloha recording studios, Brooklyn

Front cover photo by Mark Sink, composite by Kristen Hatgi-Sink Record and book graphics by Chris Garre "Other Words" edited by Yuri Chicovsky

"Colours" written by Donovan "Te Amare" written by Silvio Rodriguez All other songs written by Gabrielle Louise

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