1. House of Cards


words and music by Gabrielle Louise

I’m not feeling tired
I’m not feeling worn
I’m feeling like the river bed
after the storm
now I know why the rose bush
needed the thorn
needed the thorn

were you just an illusion?
just a mirage?
or a four story fire
in a house of cards
you think you’re so authentic
you don’t know where to start
until you’re honest with yourself
you’ll break every heart
building a house of cards

A house of cards
A house of cards

I’m not feeling split
I’m not feeling torn
I’m feeling like an earthquake
took out the floor
now I know why the soldier
needed the sword
needed the sword

I guess I thought I was holy
thought I was good
till you hit the highway
to be understood

Maybe I was too fragile
maybe it was too hard
but nobody wins the game
it only falls apart
our house of cards