words and music by Gabrielle Louise

Sun up in Somerset
ain't nobody else moving yet
he pours the coffee and he packs his bag
just exactly like his old man

Walks down to the general store
Looks like that building has been to war
holes in the front door

Fall is passing through on the breeze
oh he drifts away on a dream
of the day he'll leave

It's noon here in Somerset
ain't nobody took a break yet
the sun is screaming and it hits his eyes
when he comes walking outa the coal mine

He'd only need about a million now
buy everyplace in this dirty town
maybe he'd burn it down!

Water passing through in the creek
oh he drifts away on a dream
of the day he'll leave

Sundown in Somerset
ain't a soul who's not in bed yet
crooked houses hanging onto the hill
and not a candle in a window sill

He walks down to the liquor store
cause they'll be closing in a few more
bells on the front door

Strangers passing through in the night
oh he drifts away
with their tail lights

Aint nobody here taught to whine
he'll make it out someday
but in the meantime...
Sun up in Somerset