From the recording The Bird in My Chest


words and music by Gabrielle Louise

I propose a toast
to the sunrise.
Hold the glass in your left hand, man.
Don't forget to meet my eyes.
I propose a toast
to the city lights
fading out one by one
into the yawning sky.

Each of us are here
from different corners of the globe,
in different seasons of our souls,
but there ain't nobody
who is whole.

So I propose a toast
to the uncertainty,
to drowning out the low down dirty sound
of sensibility!
I'm all nerves and feelings
stepping down into the crooked street.
The garbage trucks are loading up
and everybody's waking up!

I don't need to sleep.
I just gotta work this through.
I'm so tired
of wanting you.
But there ain't nobody
who's not confused.

Damn this love!
The aperature in my heart has been stuck.
Let the light in!


I propose a toast
to the sunrise.
I hold the glass in my left hand,
unafraid to greet this life.
I can be alone.
I'll just watch the world turn
from cinders
to daybreak
cause there ain't nobody
that doesn't ache.