From the recording The Bird in My Chest


words and music by Gabrielle Louise.

Everyday I'm learning the strangest things
About my dreams
About my dreams

Turns out they're not a movie
Turns out they're not starring me
But bouncing on my knee --
The greatest mystery.

The universe expanded
Bloomed from a tiny seed
Became this breathing thing
The rest is history

The rest is history, oh oh oh
the rest is history.

Love is like a ladle
providing all we need
from an endless sea
of empathy

When Satan Saw Inside The Cradle
he turned into a bird
lost all his wicked words
lost all his wicked words

The universe expanded
smoothed out his furrowed brow
Oh, don't ask me how.
don't ask me how!

The universe expanded
bloomed from a tiny seed
because this breathing thing.
The rest is history.