From the recording Live at Etown Hall


Someone Else’s Life
words and music by Gabrielle Louise

Mariana wakes up before me, and moving lightly 'cross the floor,
she hardly makes a sound as she pulls the curtain down
so I can sleep a little more.

Mariana steps into the morning, Dice "hola" a Luis.
I can hear them on the ground, thirteen stories down,
laughing in the street.

And it must be noon
by the time I move
from the room.

And it's nearly five
when I open up the blinds,
let in the light!

I wanna wash up on the shore of him, cause I'm feeling tiny and half-drowned,
but for now I tread time inside of Someone Else's Life,
feels like I'm waiting to be found.

Oooh, the sea is still.
Oooh, what do I feel?

Mariana's packing up her memories because he asked, and she's sure.
Now they're fussing over rings, and everything she'll bring
is in boxes on the floor.

And I'm trying to recognize that it's not fair to him:
to come around when I'm feeling torn.
So for now, my heart hides inside of someone else's life,
inside of someone else's...

Worlds below me
settle slowly
into coals.

and all the people in the park
lifting children in their arms,
it's getting dark.

I want to wrap him up around me, wear him til he's worn.
But for now my heart beats inside of someone else's dream,
and mine is waiting to be born.