Gabrielle is a thoughtful, talented, gentle soul with a gift for words and an immensely soothing musical effect...She has enough warmth in her voice to heat a cold room for hours...both classy and seductive. ” - Jim Hynes

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The Unending Alteration of the Human Heart

Gabrielle Louise

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For the most part, the songs on this record were born in a post-breakup solitude. Living in rural Paonia, Colorado's wine and fruit country, Louise spent a great amount of time in the utter quiet while writing this record, keeping only her creativity as company. Chopping wood, hauling water, and listening to nothing but the falling snow, she looked loneliness square in the face and demanded her own company be enough.

Then, released March 2020, the same week as stay at home orders on account of COVID 19, this collection of songs and thematic content took on a second life of significance for Louise and her listeners, heard in the context of social distancing and the pandemic. Though she was not able to tour to support the release of the record, it was quite a fitting context for this body of work to be birthed into the world...

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