Live at Etown Hall

Gabrielle Louise

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Recorded in front of a live concert audience in Boulder, Live at Etown Hall features 14 tracks supported by a roster of the southwest’s finest musicians. The record couples the spirit and charm of a live performance with the careful orchestration and production of a studio record.

It features live favorites of Gabrielle’s original material as well as some carefully selected covers by Mark Knopfler, Justin Evan Thompson, and James Keelaghan.

Released December 15, 2017


Vocals / Acoustic Guitar: Gabrielle Louise Electric Guitar / Dobro: David Kaye Mandolin: Greg Schochet Fretless Electric and Upright Bass: Jon McMillian Backing Vocals: Melanie Jean and Brodie Kinder Marimba: Jonathan Sadler

All songs by Gabrielle Louise except: Cold Missouri Waters by The Fat Man (In the Golden Suit) by Justin Evan Thompson The Ragpicker's Dream by Made for Something More, Breathe Easy, and Pockets Full of Faith by Gabrielle Louise and Justin Evan Thompson

Recorded with a live concert audience in Boulder, Colorado at Etown Hall Engineered by Steve Koppe Mixed and mastered by Tim Mitchell Graphic Design by Andrea Lecos (County Road Productions) Photography by Art Heffron

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