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Hello Friends of the Gabrielle Louise Show! Happy New Year's Eve!

Lots of news for the new year. To begin with, I've launched a new website at (if you've visited recently you may have noticed.) The site is an exciting improvement, with a total aesthetic makeover, new video footage, news updates, and more...

I've just released a live disc! It's a recording of a recent performance with my dear friend and musical counterpart, David Rynhart. Live in Coal Creek Canyon was captured, mixed and mastered by Darwin Grosse, and is now available through PayPal and at live shows. Live in Coal Creek showcases David and I performing intimately and acoustically, singing a handful of duets like Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather, Scarborough Fair, and Chelsea Hotel, in addition to many original songs, new and old. I've printed a limited number of copies, so be sure to grab yours sooner rather than later! You'll save a penny if you do...

Season Special: Free Shipping. On the new studio record, too.

Live in Coal Creek Canyon
With David Rynhart
December 2008

Cigarettes for Sentiments
Produced by Gene Libbea
August 2008

Watch out for lots of live shows this year. David Rynhart and I will be touring together through Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, and Idaho! I bet you live in one of those states! If you're a Colorado kid like me, be sure to catch the full band Gabrielle Louise Show, tango and other grab bag goodies included. Stay posted...can't wait to see you there.

New years resolutions? I'm gonna try to cook up some cool stuff for you, like a documentary on touring in the alternatively fueled veggie van. We'll film the process of collecting the grease, filtering it, and then driving all over the country with recycled fuel! Eww! Right? Well, trust me, this "Eww" is cool. and green. (in the eco sense and the pocket book sense.) And we're hoping to show you how you can do it too.

I'm also officially resolving to crochet more hats while driving those long (french fry scented) hours between gigs. Don't worry, I'm usually in the passenger seat when making these handmade hats to warm your winter heads. Usually. (But I'm not as bad as my buddy Bruce Hayes, who got a ticket for playing the Mandolin while driving!)

I'm resolving to play more Uke. You heard me. You gotta love the Uke. Dude, you can play the Uke while doing almost anything! Hiking, Biking, Bus Riding, Hot Springing, Walking, Talking, and, well, other things, too. :)

And lastly, I'm resolving to book more house concerts. Why, you ask? Cause they're the best. Duh. Want to host one? Let me know! We'll make it easy on ya...

With many thanks for your support of live music,

Gabrielle Louise

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