A Holiday Gift for You! Dublin Blues (Guy Clark) 

Holiday update and a gift for you! 

Santa brought the best presents ever this year - some at home studio gear! It's been a blast for Ryan and I to learn how to use it together, and so exciting to work toward our creative independence. We tracked a test song last week, a cover of the late great Guy Clark's Dublin Blues. While there is still so much more to learn, we feel optimistic about what we will be able to capture together as we progress in our knowledge. So please let us pass on a little holiday present to you - a free download of our rendition of this classic song. 



On a side note, I'm enjoying pairing my watercolors with songs, (and I have the aspiration to do a lot more of that in the future!) I chose this painting of a bittersweet Irish street scene to put you in the spirit of the blustery, nostalgic melancholy that I feel when singing this tune.