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The Gabrielle Louise Show


In This Issue:


As of last Friday you can purchase the new disc from your favorite media outlet. Some friends have asked me - what's best for the artist? That's easy! My website! You're buying it directly from me. However, I'm still happy to have it available on itunes and the rest, so no one misses out. Physical copies are $20 (incuding shipping)


I had a lovely time creating this music video with videographer Teya Cranson. We visited some of the most scenic highlights of the Western Slope, so I like to say this one really stars my beloved Paonia. I hope you enjoy it, and if so, please do share it on!


I've been humbled by the positive feedback the new record is getting. I'll share with you some excerpts below from near and far. I can't thank my team enough for their hardwork getting copies of Static out there into the big, wide world. I'm blessed. 


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CD Release Tour:

The Sherbino Theater (tonight!)
Friday, October 7th
With Greg Schocet!
Ridgeway, CO
Buy in advance HERE

The Paradise Theater
Saturday, October 8th 
With Greg Schochet!
Paonia, CO
Buy in advance HERE

The Orchard Series
Saturday, October 15th
Canon City, CO 
Rsvp to Pamela for directions
pamelasuejackson at yahoo dot com

The Steamplant Theater
Saturday, November 5th
Salida, CO 
Tickets: $15 
Buy in advance HERE

The Oriental Theater
Friday, November 11th
With FY5, Brodie Kinder, and more
Denver, CO  
Tickets: $15
Buy in advance HERE                                        

Outpost Performance Space 
Saturday, November 12th
With Meredith Wilder, Justin Evan Thompson
Albuquerque, NM  
Tickets: $15
Buy in Advance HERE 

Etown Hall 
Saturday, December 17th
With David Kaye and full band!
Boulder, CO                                               Tickets $25 
Buy in Advance HERE


Some Recent Pics:

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Impersonating Frida for the music video shoot with Teya Cranson. Photo by Teya. 

Tom Paxton Gabrielle Louise

Tom Paxton and I in post show glow! The Fort Collins Armory 


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warming up in the green room at the first CD release show of the tour! They treated us pretty well at Bohemian Nights! Photo by Art Heffron 

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Thanks to my 140 generous Kickstarter backers, If the Static Clears released last Friday with a flurry of press and radio play! It's been getting reviews as close to home as the Western Slope and as far away as the Netherlands. It's been seeing radio play on Serious XM, in New York City, and in France!

I'm also excited to relay that I have a new "official " music video out as of yesterday, co-created by myself and Teya Cranson. I hope you'll check it out. Just click on the link above to watch it on The Alternate Root, where it debuted just a few days ago. 

"If the Static Clears" can now be purchased online at my website, on itunes, amazon, and a garden of other platforms. Pretty soon I'll get it up on bandcamp as well. Those that pre-ordered, your CDs have been mailed, and they should be arriving at your door very soon. I signed them with love! 

I hope to see you at one of the CD release shows this season! I'm excited about every single room I'm playing - they are all beautiful spaces with exceptional atmospheres for a concert. Nearly all of them are full length Gabrielle Louise concerts, but I'm very excited to be sharing the bill with FY5 at the Oriental Theter in Denver on October 11th. You're going to love this band if you don't know them already. However, perhaps the most pristine place to hear the show (with a six piece band, to boot! The only one of it's kind!) will be Etown Hall on December 17th in Bouder. You can now purchase tickets online for any of the dates.

That's about it for now. This issue I'll keep pretty simple. I mostly just want to appreciate what you guys did for me and my music. You afforded me the opportunity to amplify my work four fold. Thank you for giving "If the Static Clears" a proper release campaign!

In gratitude, 


Gabrielle Louise

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"Gabrielle Louise is eclectic, eccentric, seductive, flexible, literate and a plethora of other descriptive adjectives that pertain to music and creativity and yet there is no pinning down this woman, no way to sum her up in one word.  She manages to blend seemingly disparate styles of music and lyrics into a captivating blend...a homogenous mix of folk, bluegrass, and jazz...Her voice is going to make time stand still in that it is full, rich and has great nuance in it...A beautifully crafted disc in every possible way."
                                   --NO DEPRESSION/Bob Gottlieb

"Viewing the cover photo of the singer/songwriter and guitarist Gabrielle Louise in her elegant, angelic, contemplative pose, you immediately know that the music will be ethereal, provocative and rather soothing. And, as the album unfolds, those qualities become audibly clear. Some have likened her to Joni Mitchell for her literate lyrics, and I find her voice akin to an ethereal, early Nanci Griffith. Musically, the album has elements of folk, bluegrass and jazz. You might not guess from the layers of instruments and the rich background harmonies that the album was recorded in live studio sessions...Louise is a poet, prose writer and experienced orator...Just when you think some of this is just a bit too esoteric, she revels us with 'Another Round on Me,' as sophisticated as any drinking song ever recorded. Artists that are this talented often have interesting life stories, and she is no exception...the listening is both challenging and enjoyable." 
                                      --ELMORE MAGAZINE/Jim Hynes

"A beautiful, expressive voice, [reminiscent of] Alison Krauss...I also hear a singer who is highly literary, her songs are not simple 'rhymes-on music', no, these are complete (short) stories, which are passed on to the audience and which do not avoid any emotions and where memories and experiences are converted into text, wrapped in beautiful music and thus create images that take the listener into the mind and thoughts of Gabrielle. That is another aspect that is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell. I don't refer often to that name but here it seems to be appropriate : the rich imagination, the ability to portray things in this way and the ability to translate these thoughts in images like these is comparable with only the the most celebrated names in music...the only downside: too much perfection in a short time is difficult to digest. Splendid Disc!"
                                      --ROOTSTIME/Dani Heyvaert


"another solid album...heavenly harmonies...Gabrielle Louise has proved herself to be far more talented than your average singer-songwriter. Not only does she have proficiency in a variety of genres, there’s a depth to her music that goes beyond many of her peers"
                                    --The SPECTRUM/Brian Passey


"It is not very often that you find an artist who possesses the gift of impactful songwriting along with the instrumental ability to provide the perfect pillow for the lyrics to rest. Dolly Parton, Allison Krauss and Norah Jones are a few names that come to mind. Luckily, through the help of a friend of our site, we have been turned on to such an artist by the name of Gabrielle Louise."
                                       --THE MUSIC ROOM/Tony Keefer


"A thoroughly satisfying blend of styles from hardy bluegrass and folk to slinky, seductive jazz. Accompanied by a dazzling collection of lyrics that run the gamut from sweetly intimate to boldly revealing, If the Static Clears is nothing less than a revelation, an essential Americana, folk-roots album."
                                     --STEPHEN BETTS, contributor to Rolling Stone Country


"Gabrielle Louise has a hauntingly beautiful approach to songwriting. Her style captivates an audience with a lush prose that draws you in to hear each story that she has tell. She is able to connect in a very personal way with every individual in a room and the sincerity of the performance leaves you enchanted...Louise incorporates a beautiful artistry into everything she does. She seamlessly blends her songwriting, her music and her artwork with her life experiences for all to enjoy. She redefines what it means to be renaissance in today's world with her bold approach and fearless spirit. Her newest album, If the Static Clears, captures those trademark qualities while polishing and shining light onto the quirky nuances that make Gabrielle Louise so unique"
                                    --FORT COLLINGS MUSIC BLOG/Bohemian Nights Foundation

"(Gabrielle's) beautiful soprano voice garners full attention throughout If The Static Clears despite having a cast of supporting musicians that includes members of FY5, Denver’s Megan Burtt and former Coloradoan Jefferson Hamer. The delicate tracks on the album float and swoop from jazz-inspired ballads to soft folk stories, and gorgeously rich harmony-filled tales."
                                   --THE MARQUEE/Brian F. Johnson

"When I received the CD - If the Static Clears - in the mail, and read the information included, I knew before listening that it was going to be something special…It is Americana/folk/roots music, but I think it is so much more than those terms may indicate. ...darkly beautiful sound…Highest recommendations."
                                      --EAR TO THE GROUND MUSIC/Joe Wolfe-Mazares

"Louise has a delicate but not fragile voice, and with understated acoustic accompaniment on cuts like "Breathe Easy" and "Cherish Sincerity," she imparts a sense of innocence. One of the album's highlights though is "Love on the Rocks;" here Louise portrays a woman who's good and tired of fighting with her lover, and the music is somewhat ominous, not unlike something that would precede an Old West gunfight. Another strong track is "No Moon at All (For Frida)" where Louise imagines what the first kiss between famed Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo must have been like."
                                     --ANTIMUSIC-ROOT66/Kevin Wierzbicki

"'If The Static Clears' is a striking CD, released by Gabrielle Louise, a distinctive and thoughtful singer songwriter…'A fan once told Joni Mitchell, Girl, you make me see pictures in my head. And that's something I aspire toward as a songwriter, to try and help my audience see imagery, to see tiny little movies. Joni Mitchell was a master of that.' Mission accomplished."" 
                                     --THE COURIER/Jim Clark

"A winner throughout that has what it takes to become an audio old pal." 
                                     --MIDWEST RECORD/Chris Spector


Gabrielle Louise





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