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The Gabrielle Louise Show

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All week you can check out my interview on Art of the Song Creativity, which will feature a couple of sneak preview cuts from my upcoming CD, If the Static Clears. 

Monday, March 14th - The Whip In, 7pm
Wed, March 16th, Strange Brew, 11am
Friday, March 18th, G&S Lounge, 1pm
Saturday, March 19th, The Whip In, 1pm
Click the link on the blue title for more info.

I'm adding a new (new, new, new) song to the CD. Here's a video I made for my love when it was ten minutes old, and just for the hell of it I decided to share it on Facebook.

Screen shot skype vid



This was an amazing couple of months for me. I owe a heartfelt hug and gratitude to the entire TedX Paonia curation team and all the volunteers, as well as John, Viv, Katy and Lisa from Art of the Song Creativity Radio. I'm also tremendously grateful to my brother, Jonathan Sadler, who just tracked his parts for my new record a few days ago and really put his love and care into that. 


Jon Static Swingfingers March2016

My brother overdubbing on my new record at Swingfingers Studios in Fort Collins, CO. Look how sweet he looks with a halo of christmas lights over his head! I love him. :)


Folk Alliance 2016


Folk Alliance International Conference, 2016 with the Art of the Song crew. A total blast! We carpooled out to this 5 day event in Kansas City and saw more music than you can imagine digesting in a year. It was epic!


Gabrielle Louise TedX

Ted X Paonia, CO on Feb 6th. I had an absolute ball of a time playing and giving a talk entitled "The Breath of Expierence: Autobiography and How to Exhale." It should be edited and available to view online in a couple of months. Stay tuned! :) :) :)  


Austin Showcases
photo by Art Heffron Photography 

Happy Spring, friends!


Is it already Spring? It's sure acting like it here in the Southwest! And I'm getting ready to get even more Southwestern because tomorrow I jump on a flight for the first time to Austin, Texas! I'm very much looking forward to playing a number of lovely showcases in the area during South by, and I'd be honored if you'd send love (or people) my way for that. :) My performance schedule is on the left. 

In other lovely news: Tomorrow airing on national radio will be some preview cuts from the new record I'm working on! They will play alongside an in-depth interview with me about creativity on Art of the Song Creativity Radio. This is a wonderful program that I'm so proud to be featured on. I have listened to, and loved, their interviews with greats from Judy Collins to Diana Krall, as well as discovered a lot of music acts through their program. Art of the song airs on about 150 stations around the country, which you could tune into, or, you'll be able to listen on their site all week at

Furthermore, if you sign up for their sister project, The Standing O Project, you can hear my interview anytime and have access to those advance cuts, and some older cuts too, as well as an archive of many many other wonderful musical acts and their interviews. The link to check out my profile on the Standing O project is here:

It's a little like a streaming service but with many, many extras and a much more ethical payment model for the participating artists. 50% of everything the Standing O Project brings in through monthly membership fees goes right back to their artists. I'm really proud and excited to be involved in it. I personally know and love the creators of this site, and you will too after you listen to a few of their interviews. 

I'm still hard at work putting the finishing touches on my new record, If the Static Clears, and I'll be in close contact about you when I have some sense of a release date. A few days ago we tracked my brother playing marimba on a couple of songs, and that was really special for me. He played wonderfully. Also last week I wrote a new song that I decided, very spontaneously, to include on the new disc while there's still time for that. You can see a little video on facebook if you want. I made it with a Skype camera, so needless to say it's low tech. I recorded it about ten minutes after writing the song, so watch if you like your art raw.... :) 

Ok, Love to all. Here's my newest painting to wish you well with. I made it after a postcard I picked up of a Flamenco guitarist in Granada. 


Gabrielle Louise


 Photo on 2-1-16 at 11.50 AM 2

Gabrielle Louise





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