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The Gabrielle Louise Show

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The Circle Sets: Studio Single & Story
The audio is a song of mine recorded at Creeksound Studios. I suppose it's a "single." If I were to banter about it at the kind of show where a 20 minute pre-song anecdote was acceptable, this is what I would tell you about writing it...It was April 2013 and it was just under two years since my father passed away. It was Spring and the trees were pregnant. I was in my own re-birthing, too -- the stretching and yawning and blinking of my soul waking up from it's more...

New Live Video - "Bird on a Wire" (Cohen)
Here's a version of Dave Kaye and I covering one of my all time favourite Leonard Cohen songs. My mom used to sing this song to me when I was just a kid. I think the dobro is a really cool addition to Leonard's lyrical here...

Fluorescent Lights - Kitchen Table Demo
Recorded on a handy cam at the kitchen table..."Fluorescent Lights, fluorescent halls, I'm basking in the glow making telephone calls. I prop my feet up, I put my sunglasses on - Hello to the boss man, whistle a song. Fluorescent walks, fluorescent strolls! Time to saunter on down to the watering hole. Fluorescent waves, fluorescent tans, who cares if I drown with this retirement plan? more...


Conway House

Las Cruces Mornings. Ahhhhhh..... :)

Featured February Shows:

For full schedule please see website


February 15th: Coal Creek Canyon, CO
Saturday, February 15th
Coal Creek Canyon Improvement Association
(CCCIA) 31528 Colorado 72, Golden, CO
7pm. $15

February 21st: Denver, CO
Friday, February 21st
The Mercury Cafe
2199 California Street, Denver, CO
7pm. $15

February 26th: Black Rock, CT
Wednesday, Febrary 26th
Walrus & Carpenter
2895 Fairfield Avenue, Black Rock, CT
8 pm. No cover.

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yurt newsletter
"Yurt, Sweet Yurt" - Photo, and sentiment, by Eric Williams

Happy Winter, friends!

What I'm learning about yurt life is this - The central component, indeed the key element to happiness, actually, better put, the PRIORITY relationship in your life is the wood burning stove. You have to think ahead to please her, learn to coax the crackle and snap of seething warmth from her lungs by a delicate series of intricate steps, pleas, seductions, and prayers.

If she's not happy, nobody's happy. And that's the goddamn truth.

But I've got the rythym now, and I must confess I'm very happy.

It's been snowing since I arrived, and that's a charming contrast to the 70 degree weather of southern New Mexico, where the "central components" of my life for the last two months had been a cup of tea in the sunroom, a bicycle and a light shawl.

For once my mind is in the same place as my body, and time is passing smoothly. It's as though someone had cranked and oiled the seconds.

I was making soup in the kitchen one evening while the long light of the short day lay like chicken broth on the wooded lot next door, and it seeped in from the windows, and it spilled upon the floor in golden rods and lines. A car drove by. I chopped an onion, crying.

And for once I wasn't crying from the onion.

It's just that simple things please me.

I'm headed to Denver in a few days to play two shows, and then to the east coast for the briefest of visits before I board the plane to South America again. I've been spending a lot of time planning out tours for April and June, too.

The rythym I've found is movement, and I'm just beginning my spinning. I'm not sure where or how I'll land. I don't mind the ambiguity, but maybe I'll see you somewhere in the journey.

You can find me on February 15th in Coal Creek Canyon for a Valentines Weekend themed show. My brother will be opening the evening with his instrumental duo project that he calls "More Than Physics." I'm really looking forward to hearing his set. Brodie Kinder will join me for some new duets, including some really classic old country songs I learned down in New Mexico.

February 21st Brodie and I will perform at the Mercury Cafe in downtown Denver. This time Brodie will open the show with some of his new original songs. As for myself, I'm looking forward to playing a tune or two on the piano - I've been squirreling away hours remembering content from childhood piano lessons. It's great fun.

If you're East Coast based, catch Dave Kaye and I giving a guest set at Walrus & Carpenter on Wed, February 26th. Our friends Meradith DiMenna and John Torres present a great weekly series there featuring music written before the 1960s. I think they call it their "Prohibition Night." :)

See you soon!

In Joy,

Gabrielle Louise

P.S. My friends at the Paradise Theater in Paonia, CO are in a pickle. They've launched a Kickstarter. Please support them! I love this theater. 






Bird on a Wire sung by Gabrielle Louise, with Dave Kaye

Bird on the wire Screenshot


Gabrielle Louise




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