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TUESDAY, Nov 19th: The Cutting Room 
The Cutting Room in New York City, NY. I'm honored to be opening up for supurb vocalist Meredith DiMenna on this special evening when she'll present a dedicated show to the songs of Judy Henske. It's called "Queen of the Beatnicks: The Songs of Judy Henske." Meredith conceptualized this show and is returning to the Cutting Room for it's repeat performance. My opening set will begin sharply at 8:00, with CT dobro player Dave Kaye backing me up with his lyrical musicianship. Tickets are available for $15 in advance, or they can be purchased for $20 at the door. Address: 44 E 32nd Street, NYC.

THURSDAY, Nov 21st: Semi-Private House Concert in Redding, CT.Though we're not necessarily postering around for this one, we are inviting our mailing lists, so rspv to Dave at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you'd like to attend and he'll get you the details you need. Suggested Donation $15. 8:00 to 9:30 show.

SUNDAY, Nov 24th: New City Galere Burlington, VT. This show is an installment in The New City Galerie's weekly Sunday Night Folk Series. You can expect lots of intricate arrangements in a dedicated listening space, surrounded by fine art. For more inforamtion on this performance visit the New City Galerie's website. Admission: $5. Address: 132 Church Street, Burlington. 


The Bird in My Chest now on Bandcamp!

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Free Download of the single "Mirror":

With any purchase of the new record, "The Bird in my Chest", you will recieve a free single of my original song "Mirror," which was recorded and engineered by Dave Kaye last April. While this song is not included on the new CD, it's lyrical content did inspire the title for it! Featuring Dave Kaye on a beautiful additional guitar part and Brodie Kinder on a great duety vocal harmony. 


Artist Statement:

In a recent writing workshop I was asked to send a letter to myself from an 80-year-old version of myself, an exercise to realign a person with their truth. I struggled greatly with the task - feeling content with my current existence, unsure of how to advise my life direction from a far off, unimaginable future.

In fact I didn’t, and don't, desire to secure or shape my course; I am much more interested in the mystery of where I might end up with nothing but a little love and a little trust in my pockets.

The one thing that did come to mind was how I might see myself from that vantage point, with the power and simplicity of retrospect. I imagined looking back on my life and summarizing my existence with one word - A lover.

These songs, poems, and prose, all composed during the same time period, are about keeping that identity well-fed and nurtured - the little alive creature that it is, pulsing and fluttering in my heart. 






"Dave Kaye Gabrielle Louise Misty 

 Click thumnail to watch Dave Kaye and I Cover "Misty's Nightmares 1 and 2" 


Dear friends,

Hello and I hope I find  you well! Thank you for your continued support, for opening this email and being curious about my creations! I'm writing you from a chair drowning in maple leaves by the side of a creek. It's a wonderful place to be. I've been sitting here wrapped in a quilt somebody's mother made and reading Alan Watts. The water is moving imperceptibly slowly. The wind is warm. The now naked branches dance a little shimmy on the surface and I smile thinking about what a wonderful dancer you are, too. 

Well, lets stop dreaming for the briefest of moments, just so we can arrange a wonderful reunion, shall we?

Performing together this time on his turf, Dave Kaye and I are preparing for a handful of east coast shows this week. We are looking forward very much to sharing the new material we've been working on in the beautiful bluster of Connecticut fall weather. We hope you can join us! I've got a pocketful of new songs and Dave will be accompany me on Dobro, Banjo, and Electric guitar. 
Dave and I used to play together regularly in college, and it's such a cool thing to be collaborating again with one of my oldest friends. We've discovered all kinds of music that we both love and in addition to working on my original songs, we've dorked out quite a bit to our favourite covers (Jackson Brown may be getting the most attention right now. We've arranged 4, that's right, 4, of his songs in the last week alone.) At any rate, check out this video we filmed out on the starry, city light drenched deck on our last night of the August tour. It's a cover of the Father John Misty song,"Misty's Nightmares 1 and 2." Evidence of the wine and the feast and the neighbors in squeaky wooden chairs is everywhere...

In other news I'd love for you to check out the Bandcamp page I just set up, which makes previewing and downloading Wav audio files an easy option for purchasing my new record, "The Bird in My Chest." It's nice to be able to stream the record somewhere online so that you can listen even if you can't afford to buy it. You can still, of course, purchase physical copies, either from this site or my website. As I mentioned this summer, the physical version comes with a book of stories and poems. 
Exciting plans in the works for this winter and spring, including a lot of travel time and tours shaping up for January and April. I'll be sure to shout out when I know more. 
In the meantime, stay cozy! And please continue dreaming...

Gabrielle Louise






Gabrielle Louise





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