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One of the highlights of my career was performing this April at Earth Day Omaha.  After my set I stayed to watch Eliza Gilkyson, one of my biggest influences. To my great surprise she invited me up on stage to join her for a song. I was on cloud nine in this photo! Thanks to the Earth Day Omaha board  and to Eric Williams for hosting us.


New Videos:

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"Mirror" - Gabrielle Louise
This clip was shot live at Joe's Werne's Little Tree Acoustic House Concert Series in Lafayette, Colorado. Special guest Brodie Kinder adds harmony.



"Y Nada Mas" - Silvio Rodriguez
On the way home from a show in Cedar City this Spring we made a little stop in Moab - I'm not sure I've ever seen something so beautiful as the sun going down over the Canyonlands. I felt inspired to sing this song about being satisfied with the present moment - just breathing and living an ant-like existence among the grandeur of the universe.



"What We Ask For" - Gabrielle Louise
Video filmed and edited by Steven Swift. Live at The Artiste Sanctuary in Cedar City, Utah. Studio version coming soon on the new record, "The Bird in My Chest."



"Love Song for the Garbage Man" - Gabrielle Louise
In case you didn't see it on my regional emailer last March - this tune came about after a friend of mine made a comment about our American concept of "throw it away." Where's "away" anyway?




I had a lovely time closing out the last season at The Iron Horse Concert Hall in El Dorado, Kansas last week. I felt honored to help say goodbye to this 34 year series. The music community could not possibly thank Don Koke enough for his devotion to offering a dependable, committed listening concert series for touring musicians all these years, nor could Kansas for his cultural contribution. Don, you are loved and appreciated!


Featured Show:

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May 17th: "Behind the Ogden"

I hope you can join Brodie Kinder and I for our May 17th show at Behind the Ogden House Concerts in downtown Denver. Since my birthday is May 20th, we're just gonna go ahead and call this my birthday show! :) Brodie will open up the concert with his golden voice, and I'll be playing lots of new songs for the featured set.

After this I head "across the pond" to play and travel in Europe, so come send me off, eh? I miss you already, actually.

To confirm a seat and receive the address for this house concert, purchasing your advance "suggested donation reservation" with the paypal link below As of this emailer there are only 12 spots left, so definitly nab a spot!


Check out the venue:

Photo with Eliza Gilkyson at Earth Day Omaha, by Eric Williams.

Dear friends,

This time I won't write you a letter. I'd like to tell you a story instead. It's a short narrative that accompianies my song "What We Ask For" (video in left collumn.)  Read on, or, view the story in it's entirty, with a photo of Renee, a stranger I saw so much of myself in, at my Cowbird Diary.

Thanks for tuning in.

With love,

Gabrielle Louise


How Lucky We Are:

Renee, 85, has lived on the upper west side for 25 years. Before that she lived on the upper east side for 35 years. Before that she lived in Cleveland. She took one look at New York City and never wanted to leave again.

Now she's sitting by the picture window in a coffee shop on 86th and Amsterdam, tearing her favorite articles out of the New York Times. She folds them neatly and tucks them into her purse.

Five minutes later she takes them out to read again, unfolding slowly, intentionally.
She spots me looking for a free table. "You're all dressed up for a concert!" She exclaims, taking note of my guitar. "Join me!"

And so I do.

Renee puts down the paper and stares out the window blissfully - "People don't know how lucky we are," she says, shaking her head, crossing her arms against her chest. "Look at that! Would you just look at that sun crawling across the building! Look at that blue blue sky!" she unfolds her arms again and gestures wildly with both, conducting a street symphony.

Although you can only see a sliver of it through the canyon of apartment buildings, I have to notice that the sky IS bursting with saturation this afternoon.

Renee's wearing a black velvet hat from the 1980s and oversize square glasses that magnify her eyes marvelously. Wisps of hair fall out in soft curves, tickling the shoulders of a red sweater as she whips her head around, taking it all in.

"Just LOOK at those beautiful people in their beautiful clothing, and all those the bright yellow taxis, and THAT, will you look at THAT?!?" She points to the glowing bricks on an old church.

"I took one look at New York City and never wanted to leave again."

I'm not sure what to tell her, except that The Big Apple has never welcomed me with such youthful enthusiasm.

She gets up from our table and stealthily fills her purse with something from the fix-it-yourself-coffee-station. Returning she leans in close to my face and unfurls a poker-hand of honey sticks. "These are good snacks!" she says. "And free!"

"May I have one?"

Oh, yes, she says. "You get what you ask for, you know."

85 year old Renee in the black velvet hat and the square glasses squeezes my hand and gives me two.

"Enjoy them!" she exclaims, walking away to make friends of another stranger.

And so I do.




Gabrielle Louise


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