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Happy Holidays, Friends!

I know you're busy cleaning up your houses, catching up on work, or giving belated gift...so I'll keep this concise! After spending a month in musical hermitage I'm happy to be gearing up to entertain on New Year's Eve at the Coal Creek Canyon Community Center. Join me for a cozy night in the mountains, new original music, and a midnight toast. More details: www.gabriellelouise.com/tour.html

For folks too far away to attend, I've posted a short set's worth of videos that were edited down from this year's fall tour. I think you'll enjoy them, the venues and sound were superb. I feel so fortunate to call this crazy, inspiring adventure "my job!"

Lastly, I have posted blog updates at my Cowbird diary - one that features a cover of Donovan's "Colours" and another that speaks to the concerns our nation is facing in regard to oil and gas extractions via hydraulic fracturing, or, "fracking."

I hope everyone is having a lovely winter and I can't wait to reconnect this Spring, when Erin hit the road once again!

With a whole lot of love and appreciation for your support,

Gabrielle Louise





Gabrielle Louise


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