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The Gabrielle Louise Show

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Launch of The Muse's Market
Chris Garre and I have been working on this project behind the scenes for a year and half. A sustainably touring festival of homegrown music and ideas. Coming by bus Spring 2010.

Live Video: Don't Be Hasty
From The Mountain Harvest Festival in Paonia, Colorado. Featuring David Rynhart on guitar, Carl Sorenson on drums, and Mandy Harvey on backup vocals. Thanks to Chris for Filming!

Featured Reviews for the New Record: Mirror The Branches


Upcoming Shows:

for full schedule see website

Avogardo's Number: Dec 16th
605 South Mason, Fort Collins, CO. 8:00 p.m. Co-Bill with my younger brother (his first solo show!) Jonathan Sadler, multi-instrumentalist and poet. Admission by $5 Donation or Canned Goods (To be donated to Charity)

Crossroads Theater: Dec 19th
2590 Washington St, Denver, CO  Muse's Market Fundraiser/Showcase Featuring Live Music, Poetry, Fine Art, Local Food, and Sustainability Presentation. Doors 6p.m., 6:30- 8:00 Must RSVP to attend, Free.


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Further in the Future:

This spring the Muse's Market will bring me on a loop of the western US, including Abq, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, and Salt Lake. I'll be giving solo shows as well as a set in all the festival shows. In the photo below is Miss Mandy Harvey, one of the other entertainer's that I'll be on tour with.



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Design By Chris Garre, Art by Alphonse Mucha

Hello Friends!

Well, it's been awhile, and I admit there's lots to say. To begin with, I've thoroughly enjoyed my little rest after the CD release party. Not performing for a month has allowed me to do all sorts of crazy things, including but not limited to: live somewhere (profound), use lots of power tools to remodel the tour bus we acquired,  and get on a raw foods diet (which I love).

But the reason I'm writing is because the huge tour this spring (the whole reason we took De Jeffes, the tour bus, home with us in the first place) is really taking shape.

We've named it The Muse's Market

It's a nationally touring, carbon neutral, day long festival presenting inspired musicians, educational speakers, poets, and fine artists in performance arts spaces where listening is the priority. For those who have not forgotten the word, a modern day Chautauqua. (President Roosevelt called the Chautauqua, "The most American thing in America!")

A day pass to The Muse's Market offers you the opportunity to sample a wide range of musical styles (from Jazz to Rock to Americana/Folk), green movement concepts (building solutions, fuel solutions, food solutions) and world culture (from Argentine tango dance to performance poetry).

Come to be creatively inspired, energized, educated and, most of all, to join the community of citizens keeping the planet alive through art!

It's like a farmer's market, but for music and ideas

We invite you to attend a fundraiser/private showcase to help kick off the Muse's Market 2011 festival season. This event will be an abbreviated sampling (2 hours) of the Muse's Market Festival. We'd like for you to get a taste for what we've got in store. The event is Free, but you must RSVP to attend so we can put you on the list.




Holiday stocking stuffer idea: A CD! (are you surprised?) Free Shipping! You can choose any record from my site and get the deal. However, I recommend using the discount on the limited edition of Mirror the Branches, because (I'll just vent for a moment) those cases take forever to make! I can''t handicraft too many more! :)

truly yours,

Gabrielle Louise



Gabrielle Louise


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