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Gabrielle Louise Newsletter

Save the Date for The Biggest News of All:


I REALLY STINKIN' HOPE everyone can make it. The artwork front is coming along so nicely; I've begun work on the artwork after a fabulous shoot with Lindsay Mcwilliams, photographer genius. We frolicked in the wildflowers, lakes, and stone ruins for an afternoon, looking for a cover shot to fit the acoustic sounds of the new disc.

So that means the CD release party is beginning to be planned! It will be held in a feel-like-you're-Alice-in-urban-wonderland antique warehouse. I was turned onto this spot by David Rynhart's release party last spring. Remember how epic that was? With its fine art and chandeliers, Eron Johnson's Warehouse is unrivaled by any space for song and dance. And you don't have to be a dancer to enjoy the scenery!

It will start off with David Rynhart and I performing the new CD for you, live. The songs from my new CD, Mirror the Branches are on the folkier side of the dinner table, but still laced with raunchy compositions to keep life interesting. Now, my favorite tango dancin' couple, Ariel Amber and Dave Jones, are planning a routine for a few songs in the set. Some of those songs are mine, and some are tango songs in Spanish that I learned while in Argentina.

So-- to be clear--TANGO DANCING TO FOLK SINGER AND HER FOLK SINGER COVERS OF ARGENTINE TANGO CLASSICS. Dig? Then, after the concert comes to completion, and barrels of wine have been consumed by each of you, we'll clear the chairs and Dave Jones will DJ a set of danceable music for all you fanatics. Those that aren't already viciously addicted should proceed with caution.

Ok, so, that's that, and very soon the new CD will be a physical being in your hands. We're still looking to raise a few dollars for the printing and mastering, so if anyone else is interested in purchasing an advance copy via Mp3 download, click here to donate, and you'll gain insta access to the new tunes, and also receive a CD in the mail in September.

Love Love Love, Your Friend,

Gabrielle Louise

Two Concerts For More Immediate Consumption



The Songbirds Music Festival
A Celebration of Creativity and Community.
Friday, July 30th, 7pm, Suggested Donation: $15

There will be six outstanding female singer/songwriters playing original material and paying homage to the great women writers of our time. Too boot, we'll have lady craftsmen and non-profit representatives from organizations that support all things fem. Boys, you can come too. You'll just have to be ok with the overwhelming majority being hot babes. ;)

Behind the Ogden House Concerts
with Sean Morse and Megan Burtt
Sat, July 31st, 7:30pm, Suggested Donation: $15

A listening concert of three Denver songwriters, and afterward: A Night to Dance the Blues.We'll be playing some blues songs after the break and clearing out the chairs. Behind the Ogden is an intimate Denver House Concert Series. BYOB, and if you've got a camping chair, bring it along helps us  host even more of you!




Gabrielle Louise


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