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Midnight Molasses Video
Live footage from my recent homecoming show at Dazzle Jazz in Denver, CO. This song is one of the tunes that will be recorded for my new CD this week. Written by David Rynhart, I'm very excited to be covering this gem of a tune!  Be sure to watch in High Def!

A Title is Born for the Record
Scroll down to read the Edgar Lee Masters work that inspired the title for my new CD. "Mirror the Branches" is also a song lyric in a cut on the CD, but the concept is taken from this beautiful poem that I discovered on a tour in California, while wandering in and out of old book shops to kill time.

New Spring Tour Sponsers!
We are very thankful to Omaha Biofuels Coop and Yoderville Biofuels Collective for sharing with us their filtered, pre-collected veggie oil for our spring touring. A fabulous source for carbon nueltral fuels, if you live in the Midwest, these guys are the go-to source for biofuels. Get involved!



"More Veggie!" Photo of Chris Garre giving his alternative fuels lecture.


Upcoming Shows:

Thomas Gallery
Tonight! Tuesday, April 27th, 7:00pm
107 North College Avenue,
Bloomington, IN. Suggested $10-$15

Ithica Ecovilliage
In the works for Friday, May 28th
Alt Fuels Workshop and Concert
Ithica, NY. More Details TBA

Kaderbeckistan House Concert
Saturday, May 29th at 6:00 p.m.
E-mail for directions and RSVP: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



In The Farther Future:

Colorado/Utah tour in June, including a feature spot at Groovefest!

Pacific Northwest Tour in July,
Including stops in OR and WA

Female Friends Festival, July 30th, featuring Beth Wood, Megan Burtt, Ayo Awosika, Jess Soner, and Me!

New Mexico Tour in August

Musicians in Action Benefit Concert 8/14 at the Mercury Cafe!

Headlining Mountain Harvest Festival in the beautiful Paonia, CO. Sept 25th


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Photo by Ian Hutchingson, from David Rynhart's CD release party, April 10th,10.


Hello GL Friends!

Well, I've had a bit of a whirlwind week, I have to say! We played four lovely college gigs in celebration of Earth week, including four afternoon alternative fuels workshops conducted by Mr. Chris Garre.

HUGE thank yous to Adriane Zachary and the Center for Honors, Scolars, and Leadership, Katie Clear and the Environmental Resource Center, Jenny Bruss and the Recycling & Reuse Technology Transfer Center, Merry Rankin, Casey Fangmann and the Green Umbrella Group for your hard work this week. We just loved meeting and working with you to educate about the alternative fuels movement.

I also owe gratititude to those that came to support the Dazzle Show and the Catalyst Show earlier this month. I truely appreciate your presence at every show! Thanks to Strings & Wood for their assistance in promoting!

More photos from recent events can be found on my Facebook (are we friends yet?) and my website in the tour gallery. Thanks to Ian Hutchingson and Art Heffron for taking photos at shows.  www.gabriellelouise.org/pics.html

Upcoming tours include the Rockies, New Mexico and Utah, the East Coast and theWest Coast.  Dates are being added all the time, so remember you can always view the up to date list at www.gabriellelouise.org/tour.html

217. Samuel Gardner

I WHO kept the greenhouse,
Lover of trees and flowers,
Oft in life saw this umbrageous elm,
Measuring its generous branches with my eye,
And listened to its rejoicing leaves
Lovingly patting each other
With sweet æolian whispers.
And well they might:
For the roots had grown so wide and deep
That the soil of the hill could not withhold
Aught of its virtue, enriched by rain,
And warmed by the sun;
But yielded it all to the thrifty roots,
Through which it was drawn and whirled to the trunk,
And thence to the branches, and into the leaves,
Wherefrom the breeze took life and sang.
Now I, an under-tenant of the earth, can see
That the branches of a tree
Spread no wider than its roots.
And how shall the soul of a man
Be larger than the life he has lived?

Inspired by this Edgar Lee Masters poem from The Spoon River anthology, I've decided to name my new record Mirror the Branches. We'll be recording at Signature Sounds Studios the first week of May. Wish us luck! We'll keep you posted how it goes and when we get an idea for a release date.

See you in some town in the near future!
Many thanks for your continued support of homegrown music,


Gabrielle Louise



Gabrielle Louise


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