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"Strange Summer Snow" Single Available for FREE Download


I'm hoping to begin work on a new solo album very soon, but while I'm caught up in the writing/planning stages of it, I thought I'd share this demo with you as a taste of what I've got in mind. Darwin Grosse recorded some of my new ideas, and this take turned out nice.

A Travel Blog is Born

Wondering what the hell I'm doing in Argentina? Me too! Follow my adventures by subscribing to the RSS feed at the top of the blog. Stories, song ideas, poetry, and photographs. Oh yeah, and a wine flavoured interview in my remedial Spanish.

I'm Featured in Martin Guitar's Sounding Board Magazine!

Martin Guitar's bi-annual publication of Sounding Board recently talked about my use of their sustainable wood guitar on my last studio record, Cigarettes for Sentiments. Look for my photo between Nancy Griffith and Rosanne Cash. Pg 37.


In The Farther Future:

We're working on booking more Solo Concert/Veggie Workshop Combo shows for this April.

Band tour in June, headed west yet again, this time as a trio.

I'm Booked at Groovefest!
With Kort McCumber and Blame Sally! The annual music festival in Cedar City.



Srings and Wood 1st Annual Anny Show & Record Release:


Showcasing 17 gold mine tunes by America's new creative personalities, this compilation is to be released Thursday, Feb 11th at the Walnut Room. Including Niall Connolly, Megan Burtt, and David Rynhart, it's a disc worth getting your hands on.

David Rynhart's New Uber Delicious Solo Record


Ok, it's true. I've got an advance copy because David's my buddy, but you shouldn't be discouraged. This disc is totally worth the wait. Pick up your copy at his release show, coming this March in Denver.

Megan Burtt's It Ain't Love Has Hit the Shelves


Well, all except mine, anyway. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy in the mail. But I've been reading some mighty fine reviews and I have full faith it will rock my socks.





Hello Again, Amigos! (and those new to the GL List--Welcome.)

South America sent me a love letter...and I had to person. But I'll be back in the US and hitting the road again in April, with new songs and inspired ideas. Yes, it's true. I'm frolicking in a way. But don't be mad. I'm also working hard planning the next record! There just happens to be a beautiful mountain lake in the background.


In the meantime, there's plenty to be done while I'm away. I'm putting you all to work downloading my new single, Strange Summer Snow, which is now available and FREE at my site. David and I recorded it in the live fashion as a demo, and it will be up for you to access only until the new CD comes out. So go get it. In exchange for the free part, I'd love it if you'd share it with all your friends.

Get A Copy Of Srange Summer Snow Free

And here are the lyrics, if you're into the nitty gritty of it: (last time I shared Whitman's poem that inspired them.)

Strange Summer Snow

When I die won't you carry me up the canyons of stone
where the light echoes like the prettiest song--
and cast out my ashes, a strange summer snow
spinning down on the current that'll carry me home.

And if you can't find me: look under your boot-soles.
Pick up a fist full and be at peace.

I'll water the almond tree, it's roots are my own--
mirror the branches, where sweet blossoms grow.
Come and gather the petals, in the pale moon they glow,
Shaking down on the green grass like a strange summer snow.

And if you can't find me: look under your boot-soles.
Pick up a fist full and be at peace.

In a basket they're carried with wicker and wine
to give to a lover on her wedding night.
Oh, they're tossed like confetti, a new baby cries and moans
while everyone's barefoot and dancing in a strange summer snow

-written April 2009, recorded July 2009, released January 2010. © Gabrielle Louise, ASCAP

Gabrielle Louise: R. Guitar, Lead Vocals, Songwriting
David Rynhart: Lead Guitar, Vocal Harmonies
Darwin Grosse: Egineering


You can also keep up with my brainstorming and adventures by subscribing to my blog: I'm posting snipets of song ideas, stories and travel accounts, poetry, interviews, photographs, etc. etc.

Stay tuned on the website to see when I might be hitting up your area again. We're very hard at work planning a solo tour, band tour, and Veggie workshop/concert combo dates.

Lastly, Martin's magazine, Sounding Board, mentioned my music in their latest issue, Volume 28, Page 37. Thanks, Martin!

So that's about all for now, love from the deepest of southern summer, and go hang with my buddies while I'm away. Links to their sites are on the left.

Many thanks for your continued support of homegrown music,




Gabrielle Louise et Co.



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