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The Gabrielle Louise Show

In This Issue:

3 Art Forms For The Price Of 1:
Click to get your tix and read more about this synesthesia inducing lineup

Check out our new friends and sponsor, the Colorado organic apple farm Delicious Orchards. We hydrated ourselves with their Big B's apple juice, ALL THE WAY TO ALASKA!


Upcoming Shows:

Spanish Trails Music Festival
Saturday, June 13th, 2:30pm
In Chapman Park, Monte Vista, CO
Presented by the Monte Vista Arts Council and ALMA.

Opening for Richie Havens at Stargazer's Theatre
45 minute opening solo set this Saturday, June 13th, 8:00pm
Colorado Springs, CO
Tickets $25 in advance/$30 day of

The Oriental Theatre
(Strings & Wood Presents)

Sunday, June 28th at 6:00 p.m. $10. Multimedia event including dancers, painters and photographers. Corner of 44th Ave. and Tennyson St.
Click for Details & Tickets


In The Farther Future:

Midwest Tour in August including stops in IA, NE, IL

East Coast Tour in Sept
Including stops in NH, MA, NY, VT

West Coast in the Fall Including stops in CA and UT


Check out the Folks I'm Teaming Up With Now:

Sheila Dunn - Fine Artist

Sheila Dunn Tango Painting

Darren Mahuron - Photographer

Summit Style

Dancers Ariel Cado and Dave Jones

Tango Al Dente

Hello GL Friends!

I'm really excited to share with you that Vita made it from Paonia, CO all the way to Skagway, Alaska and BACK. 5,000 miles on veggie this month! There was some pretty epic scenery to photograph, cruise ship "tourons" to harass, and an old brothel from the 1800s to play some gigs in. You know, the usual. We're working on posting all the panorama scenery shots online, and believe you me, you'll hear about it when they're up.

While we had many generous fuel donors this month, I'd like to highlight Delicious Orchards, who not only gave us their old veggie oil, but also loaded us up with my favorite apple juice, Big B's. Seriously, we drank their spearmint apple coolers in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, British Columbia, The YUKON, for God's sake, and finally, in Skagway. We may have died without it. When there wasn't a gas station for 100 miles to buy a coffee, we didn't care. We had something better. It's local. It's organic. It's amazing.

Next weekend's performances include The Spanish Trails Music Festival on Saturday afternoon (Monte Vista, CO), opening for Richie Havens Saturday night at The Stargazer's Theatre, (Colorado Springs, CO) and Sundays at Six, presented by Alamosa Arts Association next Sunday. You can always view the full tour schedule at

Now, the biggest news I've saved for the end. I hope you're still with me! (Experiment: e-mail me if you are...then I'll know who reads this crazy banter.)


Gabrielle Louise and Ian Cooke poster


June 28th, at 6:00 pm, I'll be presenting, in conjunction with Strings & Wood, a multi-media event at The Oriental Theater in the Denver Highlands. This event may well be The Gabrielle Louise Show's biggest undertaking yet. Not only will it include our favorite dancers, "Tango Al Dente", but there will also be an art reception preceding the show displaying works by Sheila Dunn, who has incorporated Tango al Dente dancing and GL lyrics into her showing. Fort Collins' favorite fine art photographer, Daren Mahuron, will also be showing his pieces. You'll recognize one of Daren's photograph's in the poster above. He took my promo photos last year for the Cigarettes CD! You all fell in love with him then, and trust me, you'll fall harder now. So get your butt down to the Oriental June 28th. We're gonna give you synesthesia. You can GET YOUR TICKET BY CLICKING HERE.

Hugs and Kisses and All That Jazz,

Gabrielle Louise

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