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The Gabrielle Louise Show

In This Issue:

After ten days of ripping pieces of paper and taking photos of photos of photos, this music video and protest song was born. The music is also available on it's own at all the digital outlets, bandcamp being my favourite. Go watch/download/share it!  

Hooray! Lots of full band shows this weekend. Greg Schochet on Tele and Mandolin, Damon Smith on Drums, and Natalie Spears on Upright Bass. Please join us or send a friend to the show! 

I've been volunteering to make calls and get Democrats out to the polls. It's felt so productive! So...Don't make me call you! You still have tomorrow.  Yes on 112, that's the Fracking set back one. Lets celebrate together this weekend when it passes because you got your ballot in!  


IMG 2251 


Upcoming Dates:
(for full schedule see website )

The Sherbino Theater  
Thursday, Nov 8th at Doors 7 pm
Full band show!
Tix: $15 adv / $20 door
Ridgway, CO | 
Get Tix Now!

Salida Steamplant Theater  
Friday, Nov 9th, Doors 6:30 pm
Full Band Show!
Tix $15 adv / $20 door

Salida, CO  Get Tix Now!

Society Hall - Alamosa
Saturday, Nov 10th, Doors 6 pm 
Full Band Show! 
Tix $15 adv / $20 door

Alamosa, CO  Get Tix Now!

Muse Performance Space 
Sunday, Nov 11th, Doors 6:30 pm
Full Band Show! 
Tix $15 adv / $20 door

Lafayette, CO 
Get Tix Now!

The Paradise Theater
Monday, Nov 12th, Doors 6:30 pm
Opening for Solar Energy International's Film: "Reinventing Power, America's Renewable Energy Boom!" 
Tix $5 adv
|   Get Info Now!

Future Dates:

Corrales Senior Center
Friday, Dec 15th, Doors 6 pm
Corrales, NM

The Moxi Theater  
Friday, Dec 28th, Doors 7 pm 
Greeley, CO

Bas Bleu Theater
Saturday, Dec 29th, Doors 6 pm
Fort Collins, CO


Industry-Still-Web-Gabrielle-LouisePhoto by Naropa Sabine 


Dear Friends, 


I've just released a hand collaged, stop-motion, anti-fracking music video! It's the story of my own home town of Paonia, Colorado and our fight here against the oil and gas industry. But it's really just the story of small town America anywhere in this country. My intention with this video is to help #protectPaonia in general, and most especially to give a voice to our community's resistance to fracking.

First step, Vote Yes on 112 to help the wider Colorado community. You still have tomorrow. GO VOTE. Don't make me call you (see photo.) ;) Next step, get connected with your local organizations who work tirelessly to protect our mother nature from the ravages of greed.

I also want you to SHARE THIS VIDEO and encourage your friends to do the same. You can also download the audio only on my bandcamp, or the digital outlet of your choice, including Amazon, Spotify, etc. It's available pretty much everywhere as of yesterday.

We'll be screening the video for the first time at The Paradise Theater here in Paonia on Nov 12th, opening for the film "Reinventing Power, American's Renewable Energy Boom!"

Lastly, if you'd like to hear it live, we'll be playing it at all the november shows: Nov 8th at the Sherbino Theater , Nov 9th at Salida SteamPlant Event Center, Nov 10th at Society Hall - in Alamosa, CO, and Nov 11th at Muse Performance Space. These shows will feature my full band: Greg Schochet on Tele/Mandolin, Damon Smith on Drums, and Natalie Spears on Upright Bass. Whoop! 

See you out there! 


Gabrielle Louise


Stop Motion Music Video:
"Industry" - A Protest Song in Collage


Music and words by Gabrielle Louise/Justin Thompson 

Recorded by Aaron Youngberg at Swingfingers Studios
Produced by Greg Schochet
Additional production and overdubs by
Gabrielle Louise/Tim Mitchell.
Mixed and mastered by Tim Mitchell
Electric Guitar: Greg Schochet
Acoustic Guitar/Female Voices: Gabrielle Louise
Male Harmony Voices: Tim Mitchell
Drums: Damon Smith 
Bass: Erin Youngberg 

Video Direction: Gabrielle Louise/Naropa Sabine
Sound Effects: Tim Mitchell
Collage Animation and Video Editing: Gabrielle Louise

Photos taken by: Gabrielle Louise/Naropa Sabine
With contributions by Tom Hayden and Jen Sanborn 



Gabrielle Louise






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