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The Gabrielle Louise Show


When I have sewn up all my sadness 
I cast out the quilt of me and see
     the diverse portrait I have become
     never having feared to love
or to integrate my sorrow into me.

When I have picked my proudest moments
And framed my favorite to recall
     I see the self as prized, but dead;
     for the work is always still ahead
and not done making me at all.



Save the Dates:
(for tix and full schedule see website )

with guitarist David Kaye 
Sunday, Feb 9th, 7 pm

Ridgefield, CT




Roots 'n Rukkus
Thur, Feb 13th, 9 pm

Brooklyn, NY

Sat, February 15th, 7 pm. 
Omaha, NE

Fri, March 6th, 7 pm. 
Fort Collins, CO

Wed, March 18th, 7 pm

Telluride, CO

Saturday, March 21st, 7 pm. 
Fruita, CO  

with Alex Paul
Thur, March 26th, 7 pm. 

Ridgeway, CO

Saturday, April 4th, 7 pm

Las Cruces, NM

Birthday Show! 
Saturday, May 23rd, 7 pm

Paonia, CO



Great news!

The record I've been hard at work on the last eight months, THE UNENDING ALTERATION OF THE HUMAN HEART, is going to the printers this week! I'm so pleased to be finally finished perfecting it and to know that soon it will be on my doorstep. 

Kickstarter backers - please check your email for the rewards survey - this is how I know where to ship it to you, so it is very important that you fill the survay out.  Also make sure to give me your email so that I can send you a link to download the Mp3s in advance of the physical record reaching your door (which will still be a few weeks from now because it takes some time to print and mail.) 

You will be the very first human beings to hear the finished product! Yay for your support! 

I hope to release the record to the general public around March 6th, but stay tuned for confirmation on that. There's a lot of moving parts and pieces behind the scenes. 

So here's a gigantic virtual hug and heartfelt gratitude for those who were able to support the creation of this project, and a link to some fun >studio photos taken by Kevin Kirchner. I'll be touring to select cities to celebrate the release March through May, so hopefully I'll be playing somewhere near you. You can stay tuned at my website, and I will give another shout when the record is available for public purchase and the tour schedule filled out to celebrate its release. 

For now, mark your calendars for the shows on the left. Hope to see you there! 

Love love love, 

Gabrielle Louise 



THE UNENDING ALTERATION OF THE HUMAN HEART creation story: a metamorphosis

In the first stages of songwriting for this record, I felt extreme disappointment and loss — a death of dreams, a certain end to my youth and naivety, and a need to withdraw and nurture myself in a gentle and minimal atmosphere. But by the end of my creative process I felt grateful and full of faith that the grief was a gift

Present through the recording process was an intention of spinning my feelings into a beautiful tapestry, of an excitement for my ability to transform the trauma into something interesting, honest, and relatable. I am certain that the attitude I took in interacting with my grief made all the difference in it how it shaped me - the difference between slipping into crippling depression or into a productive period of practicing self-love and expanding my capacity to extend that love outward to my community.

So in a way UNENDING ALTERATION is a heartbreak album, but it isn’t heartbroken, it’s in process, it’s in growth. Lets call it an “in growth” album instead. Because it acknowledges that to move though anything we have to submit fully to it, to be in complete presence with it, give it our concentrated attention until we have digested the experience and are ready to wake up in a new state.

And part of that, for me, was recognizing that the human condition will never be free from pain, and therefor we are never finished learning how to transform it. It’s an ever expanding process. We don’t cross some finish line of having become fully realized and perfect individuals, it’s more like -- one day the body stops.

So, sure, the record is about grief and loss, and being present with those fully rather than deny their existence, but it’s also about finding sanctuary in the center of myself, and being grateful for the invitation to expand my capacities for compassion — because that’s what happens each time we recover from loss in a conscious way.

  Studio-Team-Human-Heart Gabrielle-Piano-Human-Heart-Studio

Gabrielle Louise







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