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Sunlight Lullaby
-Gabrielle Louise

Baby won't you take me down
to that run down old boardwalk
where the carousels round
where the sun rides it's axis
up and down on the bay.
Baby, baby baby, won't you spin away the pain?

Take me out for a ride
to that empty old schoolhouse
right off of route nine.
We'll make love till the sun stares in through the blinds
stares in in alternating lines.
Baby, baby, baby won't you ease my aching mind?

Broken bottles mosaic the pavement
cars rev their engines in perfect impatience
in their grumbling metal harmonies
Take away the memories
strip me bare and break me down like the naked trees
dress me white in sunlight while you sing me to sleep
can't you sing me to sleep?
Baby, baby, baby, can't you sew my broken seams?
Oh, baby, baby, baby, can't you sew my broken seams?

ⓒ 2007 Cinema Song Productions