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Around in Circles
-Gabrielle Louise

On the left side of the street the snow stays a little longer
While the right side after sunrise melts within an hour
Though it seems as though my whole life I've been a left side walker
Guess I like to make things harder, don't know why

Well you see I came to college to prove that I was smarter
There's a gym right on our campus just above the fast food markets
And it's on my way to exercise that I stop in for a burger
Guess I like to make things harder, don't know why

I don't know why
I seem to run around in circles
Don't know why
My whole life goes in reverse
Make me a liar, cause you know I hate to whine,
But I don't know why

Well my baby called me up, said he's been thinking of me constantly
I tell you what after last week's fight we've both been in misery
Cause he left me with two black eyes, but he's got three
Still I told him to come over, don't know why


Well I've been sick for a week, been coughing like a smoker
Lord knows I'm only twenty, but my body is getting older
The doctor said to stay in bed still I went out to play poker


ⓒ 2007 Cinema Song Productions