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The Poppies in Bloom 

There’s a strange thing I do from time to time when I find myself alone in the quiet. There isn’t a way to put it that doesn’t make me sound a bit “off”, so I’ll just be straight - I…

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The House Carpenter and Doc Watson 



“You have to be yourself, otherwise people won’t know who you are!” - Doc Watson 

My feelings about Doc are indelibly mixed up with my earliest memories of my parents: My father’s fingers defaulting to “Windy and Warm” every time…

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Dust Devil Memories

We stopped by my grandmother's old house this morning, pulling away from last night's venue in 100 degree weather and punching the address into the GPS: 2317 N Tuscon Blvd. Before he bumps it into drive Decker pours a Dr.…

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The Two Rules of Watercolor

This watercolor is of the Alhambra, in Granada. The best view of this magnificent structure is from a viewpoint called Mirador de San Nicolas. It's a brick plaza at the height of Albaicín, a historical neighborhood "that retains the narrow…

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That Forgetful Sun, Rising up Again

Oh, my brain! That whirlpool of worries, that spit over a fire of yearning, that washing machine of sopping hopes, caged organ, croquet course of ideas and well worn waterway of stories; that attention hoarding dictator of dramas and whimpering…

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