-Gabrielle Louise and Andres Rotmistrovsky

it was a coming on winter, she blew in from the sea
like a hell-bent fire in busted jeans
and it wasn't worth asking where she was from
cause Adoline could kill a man with one slip of her tongue

and she would say hey hey life is a journey
I'm taking the long road, and I?m taking my time
hey hey we're all just a searching
you'll find your own way,
so get the hell outa mine!

had her thumb out on the highway, jumped into a pick up truck
then after bout an hour she felt like openin' up
she said a mother's like an artist, they form the child they raise
the trouble with mine was she didn't really like to paint
but she would say


rain beat on the windshield
she rode with him a way
but half way to L.A.
she slammed the door and said

hey hey life is a jouney,
so get on with your way, and I'll go mine!
hey, hey we're all just searching
taking the long road, and taking our time.

ⓒ 2006 Cinema Song Productions