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A friend just informed me that my song "Another Round on Me" (my drinking-down-your-polictical-sorrows song) was spinning out in NYC on the program "Sunday Supper on WFUV! Using this link, you can also hear it. And speaking of politics and music, I wrote a new topical song called "Shaken to the Core" after hearing Trump's awful locker room BS. Author Craig Child's links to it in a wonderful blog about Your Brain on Sexual Assault

Thanks to Paonia for totally bringing it to the Paradise CD release show. We had a blast. Here's a video of Greg Schochet, Jon McMillian and I covering Cold Missouri Waters, a song about a fire chief with a brilliant idea on how save his life against all odds. Written by James Keelaghan. 

Thanks to the hard work of my team, I'm proud to say that last week If the Static Clears reached #9 on the contemporary folk charts. It's being played on big ones like SiriusXM, WFUV, Folk Alley, and others across the country. You can help bump it up by calling or writing your local folk/americana radio station and making a request for the record or your favorite song! 

Great news, Art of the Song creativity radio is re-airing my interview this week. You can listen this week on NPR stations carrying their show, next week on their website, or absolutly anytime at The Standing O Project website, which is the wonderful fair trade music streaming service that they've created to support independent music. You can check out my profile AT THIS LINK .   

Featured Dates:
(for full schedule see website)

Society Hall  
Saturday, October 8th, 7:00 pm 
With full band! Tix, $15/$20
Paonia, CO

The Oriental Theater  
Friday, November 11th, 7:00 pm
With FY5, Brodie Kinder, and more
full band on my set, Tix: $15
Denver, CO   

Outpost Performance Space  
Saturday, November 12th, 7:00 pm
With Meredith Wilder, Justin Evan Thompson
and full band on my set.
Albuquerque, NM   
Tickets: $12/$15 

GIG performance Space
Sunday, November 13th, 7:30 pm
With Jon McMillion on bass. 
Tickets: $20 at door
Santa Fe, NM

The Bowery Vault 
Saturday, November 26th
Songs in the round w/ Kevin So!
Nashville, TN, $10-$20 suggested 

The Willow Tree Cafe 
Saturday, November 5th
Johnson City, TN 

Rockwood Music Hall 
Wednesday, December 7th
New York City, NY
Stage 1, at 10:00 pm sharp
With David Kaye! 

Club Passim
Friday, November 9th
Opening for Christopher Williams
Boston, MA 

Tickets: $18/$20

Etown Hall - FULL BAND SHOW! 
Saturday, December 17th
With a six piece version of my band, and other special guests. Some from very far away. If you make one show, folks, make no mistake, let this be the one! 
Boulder, CO. Tickets $25
Buy in Advance HERE

Poster for Friday's show at the Oriental

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Gabrielle-Louise-Vertical3-Color-Mark-Sink-mediumPhoto by Mark Sink

Hi Friends! 

Well, $50 and an overnight envelope later, this touring singer/songwriter has cast her last minute, but totally researched vote! A few weeks ago, after Trump's degrading comments about women came to light, I wrote a new and very political song. I posted a simple iphone video of myself singing it  in raw form at my kitchen table, and 48 hours later it had 6,000 views and a gamut of comments. Some very nice, some inflamed to say the least. When harsh words punctuated the mostly kind ones, I took comfort in something an audience member once told me after a show, that the "duty of an artist is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable." If that's the case, this song seems to have done it's job nicely. You can listen to it on facebook here. It's a public post, you don't have to be my friend to watch. I hope that however it strikes you, you will be moved to also cast your vote tomorrow. 

Another noteworthy thing to mention this month is the airplay across the country that "If the Static Clears" has been seeing. I'm proud to relay it's climbing up the charts steadily on account of the hard work of my team. Last week it beat James Taylor at #9 on the Contemporary Folk Album Chart . It's seen airplay all over the country, from Art of the Song to WFUV's Sunday Supper and Sirious XM's the Villiage. I can't thank each DJ enough for helping expose new listeners to my music. 

If you didn't pick up a copy yet, 
"If the Static Clears" can now be purchased online at my website, on itunes, amazon, and a garden of other platforms. I also recently uploaded it in full to The Standing O Project, which is a "fair trade music" project created by Art of the Song creativity Radio. 

Lastly, You are oh-so enthusiastically invited to one of the big CD release shows taking place this weekend! The Oriental Theater on Friday is going to be a real sensation - it's a collaborative evening with the bluegrass and roots band FY5, who I recorded "Waiting to Give" with.

Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque this Saturday promises an evening focused on songsmithing, with compositions performed by some of New Mexico's favorites appearing in-the-round to open up the night.

Many, many new shows have been added, some of which will bring me on an overdue East Coast tour. You can view the comprehensive and ever-growing schedule at: www.gabriellelouise.com/tour.html 

I'll sign off with another enormous thank you to my listeners and supporters. You guys have made me feel like a queen this month. In particular, this writer from New Jersey did. Thank you to Mike Greenblatt for a review that totally made me blush. 

In gratitude, 

Gabrielle Louise


"If the Static Clears by Singer/Songwriter Gabrielle Louise is deliciously literate and thought-provoking (thus sexy) Americana... Recorded at Kaleidoscope Studios in Union City, NJ, the 11 songs befit the entrance of a new queen." 
                                 --RANT 'N ROLL, AQUARIAN WEEKLY/Mike Greenblatt

"Gabrielle Louise is eclectic, eccentric, seductive, flexible, literate and a plethora of other descriptive adjectives that pertain to music and creativity and yet there is no pinning down this woman, no way to sum her up in one word.  She manages to blend seemingly disparate styles of music and lyrics into a captivating blend...a homogenous mix of folk, bluegrass, and jazz...Her voice is going to make time stand still in that it is full, rich and has great nuance in it...A beautifully crafted disc in every possible way."
                                   --NO DEPRESSION/Bob Gottlieb

"Viewing the cover photo of the singer/songwriter and guitarist Gabrielle Louise in her elegant, angelic, contemplative pose, you immediately know that the music will be ethereal, provocative and rather soothing. And, as the album unfolds, those qualities become audibly clear. Some have likened her to Joni Mitchell for her literate lyrics, and I find her voice akin to an ethereal, early Nanci Griffith...Louise is a poet, prose writer and experienced orator...Just when you think some of this is just a bit too esoteric, she revels us with 'Another Round on Me,' as sophisticated as any drinking song ever recorded. Artists that are this talented often have interesting life stories, and she is no exception...the listening is both challenging and enjoyable." 
                                      --ELMORE MAGAZINE/Jim Hynes

"A beautiful, expressive voice, [reminiscent of] Alison Krauss...I also hear a singer who is highly literary, her songs are not simple 'rhymes-on music', no, these are complete (short) stories, which are passed on to the audience and which do not avoid any emotions and where memories and experiences are converted into text, wrapped in beautiful music and thus create images that take the listener into the mind and thoughts of Gabrielle. That is another aspect that is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell. I don't refer often to that name but here it seems to be appropriate : the rich imagination, the ability to portray things in this way and the ability to translate these thoughts in images like these is comparable with only the the most celebrated names in music...the only downside: too much perfection in a short time is difficult to digest. Splendid Disc!"
                                        ----ROOTSTIME/Dani Heyvaert

Gabrielle Louise






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