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The Gabrielle Louise Show


*donate $350 to the campaign and get 4 VIP tickets to any of these concerts, plus 4 CDs & downloads, and 4 drinks at the show!

The Armory (w Tom Paxton)
Saturday, September 24th
Did I mention Tom Paxton?
Fort Collins, CO

SWRFA Conference 
Thurs.- Sat., Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st
Austin, TX      

Rockin' Box 33
Sunday, October 2nd
Lubbock, TX

The Sherbino Theater
Friday, October 7th
With Greg Schocet!
Ridgeway, CO

The Paradise Theater
Saturday, October 8th 
With Greg Schochet!
Paonia, CO

The Steamplant Theater
Saturday, November 5th
Salida, CO 

The Oriental Theater
Friday, November 11th
With FY5, Brodie Kinder, and more
Denver, CO                                                        

Outpost Performance Space 
Saturday, November 12th
With Meredith Wilder, Justin Evan Thompson
Albuquerque, NM                                          

Etown Hall 
Saturday, December 17th
With David Kaye and full band!
Boulder, CO                                               Get 4 vip tix in the VIP reward package

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Dear backers, friends and loved ones,

I used to wake up in the morning and begrudge the amount of work it takes to be a professional musician. I used to find the organizational tasks unromantic and artistically offensive. I used to complain quite a bit. 

One day I was having a conversation with a friend who is a professional writer, complaining, complaining, griping about how many hats you have to wear in the business. He looked at me so plainly, a giant child in essence, but with an ever-present wisdom twinkle in his eye. He said, 

"I don't understand, is this your job, or is this not your job?".

Something changed for me after that. I've been kicked into a period of my career where the work feels great. It turns out that the only thing that had to change was ME, and the way I looked at things. I had to believe in possible pay-off for my work. I had to believe in the good things that could unfold. Now I find that I'm watching door after door open up for me, and I am fueled in the long hours and crazy days of work by a total love and gratitude for my life. For the amazing opportunity to be a professional creative. 

Watching this Kickstarter campaign unfold has made it so evident to me that our society DOES treasure the arts. People WILL pay for music; it isn't valueless or dead in America. You guys have really changed the way I feel about my job. I can't thank you enough. 

The truth is, however, that the work is just beginning. After this campaign ends next week is when it actually starts! But if I make my goal, I will have the engine I need to see some ground covered more efficiently, and you guys will have given that to me. I have a wonderful CD release tour planned, starting off with a bill in Fort Collins, CO at the Armory with Tom Paxton. Be still my beating heart! What a way to begin.

So, we have about seven days left to make it. You can watch the video on my latest update and donate/pre-order the record (Sept 30th release). Thank you to everyone who has already backed me so generously!

I am imaginging the good things that can unfold. Maybe I'll even make my stretch goal and cover the costs to perform at my dream venue for the cumulative CD release show? eTown is a legend, a sacred place for music. I'm visualizing the possibilities...the doors opening, saying, "welcome in." 


With love, 

Gabrielle Louise


"Music is fleeting. This beautiful art that exists only in time, not in space. If a painter's medium is the canvas, a sculptor the clay--or sand or whatever--a musician's medium is time itself. A song transforms a moment into a work of art. Which is why, perhaps, for us listeners, memorable moments in our lives are often associated with a song, and great songs are often associated with a moment." --Dakin Henderson 


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Gabrielle Louise





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