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My talk is now up and viewable at TEDx.com! The title of the speech is "The Breath of Experience: Autobiography and How to Exhale" The idea is that there are two types of stories which make us who we are: The stories we are TOLD about ourselves and the stories we TELL about ourselves. The story we tell ourself is the most important story! Filmed in February at TEDx Paonia in the lovely Paradise Theater.

I had a blast spending the weekend in beautiful Texas hill country at the Songwriter Serenade Competition. I was really honored to take first place in the event, and I felt so blessed to meet so many new friends who love the craft of songwriting as much as I do! The judges, Susan Gibson, Walt Wilkins, and Kevin Welch all inspired me with their craftsmanship and charisma. 

I've enjoyed putting together a great line up of shows this summer, including exciting appearances with: More Than Physics, Michaela Anne, Brandon Decker, Eric Schwartz, True North, Honey Don't, and (in August) Michael Fracasso, Peter Mulvay and Mingo Fish Trap! 

 Etown Gabrielle Louise (click on pic to see more photos on fb)

Tour Highlights:

visit website for full schedule 

June 10th, Fort Collins, Colorado
A double bill show with my brother's band at one of my favourite Fort Collins venues. The sound at Everyday Joe's is really fantastic. Both myself and More than Physics will give a full one hour set. As always, expect a little collaboration between us! Tickets $12 in advance, $15 at the door. You can purchase them early at the Everyday Joe's site.

JUNE 15th, Denver, Colorado

I'm happy to be performing this concert in support of Michaela Anne, from Brooklyn, NY, who is on tour right now in support of a new record. I'll give a solo set, and there will be an opening act as well. What a night! Showtime: 7pm. Tickets $12, for sale at Ticketfly.com

June 30th, Altadena, California
Please please please do join me for a concert that I'm actually much more anxious to see than to perform in. It's a co-bill with Eric Schwartz, who has a gift for laughter and tears. And laughter. Showtime: 7pm. Tickets $15 at the door. More details and RSVP at: The Coffee Gallery Backstage

July 2nd, San Louis Obispo, California

One of my favourite venues on the Cali coast, I'm looking forward to a solo return to this lovely art gallery and concert space. 
Showtime: 7pm. Tickets $15 at the door. 
For more info on the gallery, click here

July 23rd, Denver, Colorado

What a perfect way to end the June tour- with a full solo concert at Denver's classiest listening space. It's an intimate room with a grand piano. I'm making it my goal to play it on a couple of songs. Showtime: 7pm. Tickets are $15 in advance, and much more at the door. You can read more about this particular show and reserve seats now using the Baur's Listening Lounge Ticket Link.


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 pictured with Tom McDaniel 

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Dear Friends,

I have to say, this is a big issue for me! Too much to talk about, almost. (And more news coming down the pipe fast.)

Ok, first of all, as you can probably gather by that silly screen shot, my TEDx Talk is up online and viewable! All you have to do is click play and sip on a cup of coffee. I'll perform a quick tune (a cut from the upcoming record!) and then do what I do best - Gab at you! My talk is Entitled, "The Breath of Experience: Autobiography and How to Exhale" It's about the merits of logging your unique observations about the world. Thanks to the wonderful team of volunteers who put together TEDx Paonia, and to the videographers who assembled this clip! 

Nextly, Remember I said I was going to compete in a songwriting competition last month in Texas? Well, crazy news...I won! I don't think I've ever even won a chess game or an uno game or certainly never (ever) won an arm wrestle. But for some reason, strangely enough, they called my name up to the stage for the category of first place. I was a little dazed, definitely shocked, and extremely honored. Check out the photos here .

It didn't end after the performances, either. The judges were super fun to meet and talk song-shop with: Kevin Welch, Walt Wilkins, and Susan Gibson (ever heard the song "Wide Open Spaces"? Susan wrote that!) Perhaps the biggest honor of all was getting to open up for these guys in concert at the Bugle Boy. I cried listening to their crafted compositions many more times than once. 

Coming up now is a string of tour dates that will bring me through a western loop of my favourite cities. I'm collaborating with many amazing musicians on this loop, including my Brother's imaginative instrumental act, More Than Physics, and the hilarious and legendary Eric Schwartz . In Oregon I will be double-billing with two of my favourite husband/wife duos: Honey Don't and True North. What a lucky job I have that I troll around and visit my most creative friends?! 

However, if you're in the market to see a totally, 100 percent solo Gabrielle Louise show, please mark your calendars for these two full evenings of my chatter and songstress-ing: July 4th at the Steynberg Gallery in San Louis Obispo, California and July 23rd at Baur's Listening Lounge in Denver. At Baur's I plan to play a little bit on their lovely piano...

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Now a moment to say a deep and heartfelt thank you to the people who are keeping me going in this crazy line of work. Firstly, to YOU for reading this far! And for cheering me on when I post my 100th post about yet another show. You guys really are my boss, you know? Thanks very much to Tom McDaniel (pictured with me in the photo on the left) and the Songwriter Serenade Team and judges. Thanks to the volunteer and film team at TEDx Paonia, and to Greg Schochet and ETown Hall for involving me in the Bob Dylan Tribute last month.

I really enjoyed performing in that legendary hall, and sharing some of my favourite Dylan songs to boot. I presented two interpretations: "Visions of Johanna" and "Desolation Row." (A little bit of video coming soon.)

What a wonderful batch of days May was! Maybe especially because it included my birthday. Thirty one years around the sun! So last and most importantly, thanks to Justin Thompson for helping me celebrate that in style, and for all the little love notes I found in my guitar case along the journey.


Gabrielle Louise


P.S. Really, though, if you check out my talk out I'll be so happy! :) And forward it onward?

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