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Music Video - "The Graveyard Ballet"
I'm really pleased to post this new music video of my song, "The Graveyard Ballet" on a day when celebrating death is totally cool. :) You guys probably remember last July when my friend Joe and I were preparing for our second live showing of our science/music collaboration, right? Well, this time we were able to capture it on camera, and here's what we were able to put together.


New Blog Post - "Fire In a Wheat Field"
Though Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera took many lovers over the course of their lifetime (the painting depicted is based on a photo by Nickolas Muray, one of Frida's longest affairs) their passionate chemistry and inspiration to one-another is undeniable. I got very interested in Frida after reading a New York Times article, where they wrote that the title of her final self-portrait was "No Moon at All." It inspired not only new song, but a blog, and two paintings as well! Read on here.

Frida Diego Painting Gabrielle Louise

 "Like a Fire in a Wheat Field"


Diego Frida Kissing

"The Kiss" (Frida and Diego #1)



I need to thank so many wonderful people who helped create the Graveyard Ballet video. Brian Morrato lovingly video directed this project. Charlie Lindsey was Joe's right hand man in his pendulum design, assisting him at every turn of the conceptualization and construction. Matthew Graham did an absolutely wonderful job recording the live audio at the shoot, and overdubbing my brother Jonathan Sadler's beautiful marimba playing later. Ben Fullerton and Chris Williams shot the second cameras and provided  excellent equipment. A serious team of friends and neighbors showed up the day we filmed to help in any way possible, from simply being a live audience member and encouraging voice, to helping construct the set and lights. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


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Graveyard Ballet Still

Happy Dia De Los Muertos!

My good friend, physicist Joe Werne, and I wanted to team up and create a project that married science and music...so Joe built a nine foot tall, glow in the dark pendulum array and I wrote a song with lyrics inspired by the natural patterns I saw.

The story I imagined, a narrative of a widowed ballerina dancer, culminates in the concept of death as the "great equalizer." Like the principals that bring the pendulum display through cycle after cycle of repeated patterns, I tried to illustrate that human life is but a small part of a broader universal pattern that we are all dancing in.

The principal purpose of this video is to entice a ballet company to add choreography to our collaboration. We will keep you posted when we find the perfect fit!

In other news, I'm heading back out to NYC this month to begin tracking a new record. I have my absolute favourite crew of musicians and engineers signed up to participate and I couldn't be more optimistic about how things are going to turn out. The incredible line-up recreates the cast you heard on "The Bird in my Chest" almost exactly, with the addition of multi-instrumentalist David Kaye. Tim Mitchel, who has so carefully helped me capture record after record, will engineer again, and this time in the beautiful Kaleidescope Studios. Jefferson Hamer, Brodie Kinder, Melanie Jean and Justin Thompson are all signed up to sing beautiful harmonies, while the incredible Doug Yowell will play drums and Rob Jost will play bass. These guys all have credits that could create a name-dropping bombing, but I'll just spare you that and say: Trust me. Im a lucky lady.

And lastly, before I head into the studio, I do have a string of important shows coming up. If you're in New Mexico or Colorado, come on down! If not, send troops! The Outpost Performance Space, in particular, is a historical venue that I'm honored to play. The evening, November 8th, is a double bill with Justin Evan Thompson for his debut CD release. We expect merriment and mayhem with the 7 piece ensemble he's performing with. My set will include special guests Brodie Kinder, Melanie Jean and Albuquerque's own Paul Hunton.

All colorado dates include Dave Kaye supporting me again on dobro, mandolin, and electric guitar. He's coming all the way from CT to make music, so don't miss it!
Seriously, blessings abound.

In Joy,

Gabrielle Louise

Featured Gabrielle Louise Shows:

For full schedule please see website

Sunday,  November 8th, 7:00 pm - Albuquerque, NM
Gabrielle Louise & Justin Evan Thompson in Concert
At The Outpost Performance Space
210 Yale Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM
Tickets $12 advance/ $15 door
Advance tickets are available through

Friday, November 13th, 7:30 pm – Fruita, CO
Gabrielle Louise in Concert at Cavalcade
201 East Aspen Ave, Fruita, CO
Accompanied by David Kaye on Dobro, Mandolin, and Guitar.
Tickets $12. RSVP to Cavalcade at (970) 260 5413
www.gabriellelouise.com / www.cavalcadefruita.com

Saturday, November 14th,  7:30 pm – Montrose, CO
Gabrielle Louise in concert at The Lark & Sparrow
511 East Main, Montrose, CO
Accompanied by David Kaye on Dobro, Mandolin, and Guitar.
Tickets $15 in advance/$18 at door
Advance Tickets available online through Eventbrite.

Sunday, November 15th, 6:30 Seating, 7:00 pm concert
Gabrielle Louise in Concert at Fresh n' Wyld Farmhouse
1978 Harding Rd, Paonia, CO 81428
Accompanied by David Kaye on Dobro, Mandolin, and Guitar.
Tickets $25. Advance purchase recommended, limited seating.
Includes a dessert plate, coffee and tea. G.F. options available
Tickets at Backcountry Bistro (Paonia), The Rose (Hotchkiss)
and online at: www.gabriellelouise.com.

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