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August Colorado CD Release Tour Dates:

 For full schedule please see website


Everyday Joe's
August 8th, Fort Collins, Colorado, $12 at door, $10 in advance. Doors open at 7:00. Double bill with Justin Roth

Four Mile Community Building
August 15th, Canon City, Colorado, $15 at door, $12 in advance. Doors open at 6:30

The Salida Steamplant Theater
August 16th, Salida, Colorado, $15 at door, $12 in advance. Doors open at 7:00.

Coal Creek Canyon Community Center
August 22nd, Coal Creek, Colorado, $15 at door, $12 in advance. Doors open at 7:00.

The Mercury Cafe
August 23rd, Denver, Colorado, $15 at door, $12 in advance. Doors open at 6:30.

The Blue Sage Center for the Arts
August 24th, Paonia, Colorado, $15 at door, $12 in advance. Doors open at 7:00

The Sherbino Theater
August 30th, Ridgeway, Colorado, More Details TBA. Double bill with Honey Don't!




My lil' sis and I just returned from an epic adventure around Europe and we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our hosts along the way: Gina and Santa, Darren and Harren, Frank and Anneke, Kris and Bos, Masha, Saara and Oscar, Daniel del Valle, Peter and Hellen, and the unforgettably charming Martin O'Brien.



Tour and Travel Highlights!


In London I throughougly enjoyed performing a set for Si Cliff's "Shut up and Listen" series, afterwhich a proper "til the birds chirp in the morning jam" ensued. Earlier that day, while sightseeing near the Houses of Parliament, we joined in this Gay Rights march, which had a very happy ending as described in this New York Times article.



When a table of tourists refused to turn off the sports TV channel the lead singer of the headlining act announced in the microphone "If this bar is for watching TV, then the streets are for making music," and took the ENTIRE audience behind him into the cobblestone street. We stood in a circle - maybe 50 of us - clapped and sang and clamored; sang Argentine tango; dodged tossed eggs from upper apartment buildings; rejoiced.



The highlight of Amsterdam was, by far and away, renting pedal boats on the canals. They should have warned us, however, not to try and eat their world famous "Strroope Waffles" while also steering our boat. We were nearly taken out by several barges while distracted and indulging in the delicate (and highly addictive) dessert!



Well, sis and I were nearly murdered in this cute, innocent looking tree-house. Maybe I'll spare you the details, but I will say this - you've never heard a more frightening lullaby then one that claims you'll be bludgeoned to death in your sleep!



Of the better things I've done with my life: walk ten miles of this coastline in western Ireland. Put it on your bucket list, please!




Poster Design by Chris Garre, Photo by Art Heffron


Dear friends,

I've included in this mailer some exciting tour dates at the end of August! They are all listening room theater shows. Wow, this is going to be a blast! These dates will formally be the Colorado CD Release tour for my new album, The Bird in my Chest. I will be accompanied by Connecticut guitar and dobro player, David Kaye. When the new record is available for purchase online, I will send out another announcement.

Thanks for tuning in! I realize many of you on this list live nowhere near Colorado, and for that I deeply apologize. I miss you! And I hope to do a little wider national touring very soon, perhaps later this fall. In the meantime, I'm loving being back in the states after an exhilarating trip around Europe. Included below and to the left are a handful of travel and tour highlights.

With love, and see you soon!

Gabrielle Louise




Photo taken from the stage at Soupanova, Berlin, Germany
Ten minutes before the show we were sitting alone in the venue in jungle heat. We were fanning ourselves with German promotional brochures and staring at the clock. The door opened and someone from the next room peeked his head in. He saw the empty space, felt the pressure, seemed to spin on his heels and sort of bow out of the room with his head lowered apologetically. "Lets just get some beers and play songs around the table" I said, "if no one comes we'll head back home and get some rest tonight."

Next it was the manager. He banged through the screen door abruptly, avoided eye-contact, began opening the windows. While staring out into the heat haze and the last shadows of the sunset he announced calmly, "It's going to rain. Then they'll all come."

Downbeat of the first song in was a full house.




Photo taken by Peter at SpringHill Cohousing, Stroud, England

I absolutely loved playing at Springhill Co-housing, where we ate mounds of wholesome food in community with the residents, and stayed on for a few days to join their sewing club and gardening work day! We even enjoyed a delighful old-school puppet show put on by members of the community.





Photo overlooking the Thames in Greenwich, England

Serene moment at a riverside pub. City lights pouring in over sunset glazed rolling water and lovely ladies lounging in the glowing windows. And that's when the fight broke out between the chef and the prep-cook. "You f*#&ed my mamma?!?" shrieked from the kitchen alongside the sound of shattering glass. Aaaaannnd that's when we moved along....




Gabrielle Louise



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