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Listen to a Teaser Track
Check out a rough mix of my song  "End of the Blues" from the upcoming record, "For The Brokenhearted." (More news on the exact release date coming soon.) Michael Bellar plays rhodes, Rob Jost Plays bass, Doug Yowell plays drums.

Watch a new song! Live in Argentina
"An Elevator Climbs" was filmed live in the Chacarita Cemetery, Argentina.

Read my Travel Blog
I've been keeping it on Cowbird, a website that tells the human story in snipets of soundbytes and sentiments.

See more Tour Photos
I have been fairly obsessed with taking photographs along the way, like the one to your right. You can see a fair number more on Facebook. And, thanks to the generosity of a stranger, I've got some big plans to set up a darkroom in my basement when I get back home.

Re-Designed: Mirror the Branches

Save the Dates:

for full schedule see website

May 9th: Soquel, CA
Hosted by Fiddling Cricket Concerts. The Ugly Mug, 8:00 p.m. $10

May 10th: Portland, OR
A double bill with blues singer / songwriter Anne Weiss. The Secret Society Ball Room, 8:00 pm $12.

May 17th, Seattle, WA
Backyard House Concerts, Kirkland, WA, $10, 6:30-9:30 p.m. RSVP to Shanie at music(at)backyardhc(dot)com for tickets, address and directions.

June 1st, Boulder, CO
For this exciting homecoming performance I'm teaming up with physicist Joe Wern to marry song and science with a six foot tall pendulum wave that rocks to the beat of a live original score. Don't miss it. Little Tree House Concerts, Lafayette, CO, $20

June 2nd, Paonia, CO
I'll be performing alongside other environmentalist bands to help celebrate the victory of keeping fracking out of the Northfork Valley. The Blue Sage Center for the Arts, Paonia, CO, $25. Proceeds benefit the organization Citizens for a Healthy Community



Good Day, Good People!

Greetings from beautiful Santa Rosa, California, where you can sing songs on a sea cliff atop a mat of grass and wildflowers; where you can watch sea gulls sail the air and turquoise water froth around jagged rocks; where you can sleep outside under the moon, even in May.

It's been a varied month of touring--from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I drowned my nerves in wine before giving my first concert with banter in Spanish; to Brooklyn, NY where I met the magnetic Michael Bellar and finished tracking my new record; to the citrus blessed Southwest where a banjo maker told me tall tales under a tangerine tree...

and with ten more days of traveling ahead I'm hoping more strange spectacles will unfold before me. Join me if you can. A full concert listing is posted at my website.

I now expect the record will be ready next month, however the exact release date is yet to be determined. I'll be sure to shout out more details as soon as I've got them. In the meantime, I'd love for you to take a listen to a rough mix of a song called "End of the Blues" which I've posted at my blog.

Lately, I've been keeping it at Cowbird. I like the format that web-artist Jonathan Harris has created. A little while ago I read something he posted which points out the average lifespan -- 30,000 days. In some respects that kicked me into gear - writing more new material or waking up earlier, for example. In others ways, it slowed me down, reminded me to tune in to every sound and sensation around me.

So I'll send you off with a video that was filmed live in Chacarita Cemetery, Chacarita, Argentina. It looks a little fancy in HDR (thanks to the help of Diego Rotmistrovsky and Chris Garre) but it was just recorded with a video camera mic. Hear the birds and the wind, the ring of hammers in the distance - they all join in. The song is new - it's called "An Elevator Climbs."

In Joy,

Gabrielle Louise

Gabrielle Louise


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