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A Few Days In the Studio...
I'm working on tracking a new disc with my old buddy Tim Mitchel in New York!

Writing Poetry and Blogging...
Read about the recording sessions, and the poems I've been writing this summer at my blog.

Live Video: I Propose a Toast
Have a drink with us! This live video is one from an after-the-show hang last spring. It's dizzy and drunk, but that's what the song is all about, afterall. Scroll to 2nd blog entry to see the video.

Upcoming GL Shows:

for full schedule see website

Hillside, NM: August 21st
Playing solo at the Community Center in Hillside, NM. $5 per person.

Las Cruces, NM: August 23rd
House Concert in Las Cruces. E-mail carrotseedcards[at] to RSVP. $15 per person.

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Boulder, CO: Sept 17th
A house concert series called Little Tree, Inspired by the great environemntalist songwriter Mitch Barret. My first local show in a good while. Must rsvp to Joe for address: $20 per person. a lovely setting indeed. werne[at]


A postcard from paradise:



Further in the Future:

Exciting collaborations on the horizon! This fall I'll be working with some oober talented Colorado Ballet Company dancers to create a special multi-media presentation! This winter I'll be getting involved with the Environmental Film Festival, which takes place right here in Golden, CO! Hooray for both of those!


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The Gabrielle Louise Show Blog

Photo by Moi

Hello Friends!

I know it's been a little while! For most of the summer I was not up to very much! But that's lovely. After the Muse's Market adventure this spring we rescheduled some things and took a needed break. I've mostly been tending the garden--my first garden ever. And there have been many moments where I've contemplated a career as a farmer! I've also been writing (and reading) lots of poetry, playing music for audiences of birds perched on telephone wires, and juicing fresh fruit and veggies into heart healthy meals that make you say "Hallelujah!"

Last week however, I did head east for a week. The first thing I did was celebrate love and union in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was asked to perform five spanish songs for a wonderful wedding. The audience was at least 50% Spanish speaking. I cried before I went on stage! And after, too. Love is never cliche. She learned to speak Spanish for him in one year. If that doesn't move you, you're stone.

The new record I'm working on is a love record. I'm deeply considering calling the project, "For the Brokenhearted." I wrote a pretty detailed blog entry about my travels on the East coast and tracking. Check it out here.

Lastly, I really enjoyed performing a solo show for Intermountain Music Association in Takoma Park, Maryland last Saturday. Big thanks to Kent Murray and David Eisner for having me. I was sad I didn't have time to stop into see Obama and ask him to enact the Fair Farm Rules and save our family farms!

I've got a few engagements coming up. I'd really love to see you Colorado friends for my first local show in six months or so. This September. Details here.

Last but not least, for those of you waiting on the Muse's Market Tour documentary. We are still editing and perfecting, and will be sure to get it to you as soon as possible. Having had no prior expierence putting together a bunch of film footage, I greatly underestimated how much time it would take to get it just right. Thank you again for your support and please don't think I've forgotten you.

With Love,

Gabrielle Louise


(scroll to second blog entry to see video)

Gabrielle Louise


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