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In This Issue:

New Video Footage of David and I performing at The Bieroc Cafe in McCook, Nebraska.

Photos from our Midwest Tour on Facebook. Stops in Indiana, Kansas and Nebraska.

Name The Van Winner Announced: Melissa McReynolds from Bloomington, IN. Vita the Veggie Van is officially christened.


Upcoming Shows:

The Gabrielle Louise Show will co-bill this gig with "Honey Don't,"
fronted by Bill Powers of
Sweet Sunny South
Saturday, May 9th, Paonia, CO Tickets are $12 adv/$15 day of show Available by calling 970-527-6610

In The Farther Future:

Saturday, June 13th, 4:00pm
Presented by the Monte Vista Arts Council and ALMA.

THE ORIENTAL THEATRE (STRINGS & WOOD PRESENTS) Sunday, June 28th.Multi media event including dancers, painters and photographers. Art work incorporates lyrics and tango, while dancers twirl to the music in this amazing antique venue.

Check out the Folks I'm Teaming Up With:

Sheila Dunn

Summit Studios

Honey Don't

Tango Al Dente

Fun Videos:

"Ocean Wide" on You Tube

Happy Birthday Dear David on Facebook- (Must Login and be friends to see.)

"An Amoeba Looking for Food" Serenade to Strangers in Indiana ... (on Facebook)

Can you say Ciao for hello?

I'm pretty addicted to saying ciao these fact, I'm probably on the verge of overusing the word. Ever since my sister lent me her red hot Vespa, I've been feeling so Italian! I love it! 100 miles to the gallon! Check it out....I get to drive it til March!


Wait! Wait just a're thinking "what ever happened to the Veggie Van? Didn't we all just rack our brains coming up with a name for that?" Yes! Yes, you did. And let me tell you we had some really fun submissions. Van More'O Soy was one...Fiddlehead Fern was another. The winning submission just kind of stuck...we couldn't deny its power over us. Plain and simple: Vita. Vita the Veggie Van. Submitted by Melissa Mcreynolds from Bloomington, Indiana! Melissa's a riot. Want proof? Check out her spirit in that photo of her to your left.


Upcoming featured Colorado performance at The Paradise Theatre in Paonia, CO this Saturday, May 9th. I'll be teaming up with Sweet Sunny South's Bill Powers to Co-Bill this amazing venue. Get your tickets now, it's almost Saturday for goodness sake! I'm truly thrilled to be returning to Paonia again after a fabulous time at last year's Mountain Harvest Music Festival.

Our next Denver show will be June 28th at the Oriental Theatre presented by Strings and Wood. The line-up this time will include painter Sheila Dunn and photographer Daren Mahuron, who will both be displaying their artwork at the show, as well as the month preceding at the Oriental. Sheila's paintings incorporate my song lyrics, as well as portraits of our favourite tango couple, Ariel Cado and Dave Jones. Daren Mahuron owns Summit Studios in Fort Collins, and helped me capture the Cigarettes for Sentiments album art. For more information on both artists, please visit the links on the left.

See you soon, friends. Dare I say it?


Gabrielle Louise


Gabrielle Louise


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