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Happy Being Alive
-Gabrielle Louise

Nothing's wrong,  nothings right. I'm not trying to control it
I'm not emotionally empty, but I'm sure as hell not whole yet!
I'm not hungry for my baby, but neither am I satisfied.
I'm just happy, care-free, happy being alive.

A flock rose up from the field, a sudden burst of smoke.
A hawk grabbed the slowest one by it's throat.
Oh, the harmony, is so unbearably designed!
Southern pointed swallow wings turn a hundred at a time.
Happy, care-free...

Lately I've been craving community, to be one among many.
But instead I've felt the shadows crawl, across the sandstone canyon walls,
sticky and slow.
The sun pushes, and the moon pulls,
and through the colored canvas flies a lonley tattered crow.

If your mother was here, she'd swear it was a sign--
the light's busting through the clouds like a tear in the sky.
You say: "I don't subscribe myself to that,"
but you'll watch it as we drive, sleep deprived.
I can see you gave up before you ever tried,
but we can decide:
decide to be happy, care-free, happy being alive.