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Jonathan Michaels
-Gabrielle Louise

Jonathan Michaels, that toe headed kid,
sat in back of our history class with Mr. Richardson. 
Todd would toss him paper airplanes, and he'd sketch the engines in.
Remember him?
His name is in the news today.

Right around midterms his grades were wearing red,
we'd see him down at the arcade when he skipped the hour
cause they said

The answers 'A,' it can't be 'D.
These are simple facts, you see.
Wrong and right,
black and white."

Jonathan Michaels never graduated.
He didn't seem all that tough to me, maybe just frustrated.
Still Mr. Carrick made it very clear, "Violence won't be tolerated here."
Jon Said, "I don't think you understand how it happened."

"I'm sorry Jon, it's our policy,
it really isn't up to me."
Wrong and right,
black and White.

-Short Guitar Break-

Sergeant Jackson said "You're just the type we need.
Your limbs are long, your bones are strong, and your eyesight's keen.
We'll give you six figures for a college degree."
Jon said, "that sounds pretty good,
I'd like to study aviation."

Now it's printed crisply in newspaper type:
his first, his last, his middle name, his extraordinary height, 
who he's survived by.

These are simple facts you see,
those men there are your enemy.
Wrong and right,
black and white.
Wrong and right,
black and white.