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Another Round on Me

The bandaids are off
The babies are grown
The bible was a game of telephone 
My shrink said “get out,”
My man said “stay home” —
Lets have Another Round on Me!

The bums are all crazy
But the politicians are insane
We’re painting picket signs
In the pouring rain
They say “The more folks are sick,
The more the doctor get paid!” --
Lets have Another Round on Me.

Upside down!
Everything is upside down.
Inside out!
Lord, it’s inside out.
So lets have another 
Bring it to me, brother...

There’s coke in the cradle
Debt in the grave.
The buddhists are boring
Yeah, and the Christians are saved!
Send me straight to hell because I’d rather get laid --
Lets have Another Round on Me.

Upside out!
Everything is upside out.
Inside down.
Lord, it’s inside down.

Well the bourbon is gone now
There’s no bees in the breeze
There’s a little boy living
On a million machines
And his mamma’s in the lobby
Reading fashion magazines! --
Lets have Another Round on Me.

We’ll butter all the clocks,
Butcher all the locks,
Oh, we lost the keys
Betting on baseball cards,
Batting in the racing yard,
And there’s no turn on green!
Our youth is going poof! In a cloud of perfumes,
The factory of fantasies is an empty room.
Pour me some propaganda in my Disney cartoon --
Lets have Another Round on Me!