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That's it. I've had it. I've created the "Made for Something More" project! 

Because I believe that:

-women are made for more than abusing and repressing
-our earth is worth more than the money made from extracting its resources
-our veterans should not be discarded
-our elderly are not for forgetting
-and our children's education is more than just a test score

After the #metoo meme swept social media this week, coinciding perfectly with the one year anniversary of the birth of my protest song "Made for Something More," I've decided to roll my existing and upcoming tour dates into this mission. I will be partnering with organizations that do work in these fields and offering various outreach opportunities at my concerts. In addition to the song that gave this concept its namesake, I will be performing material in my show that is relevant to these causes, and taking a moment to highlight my favorite organizations in my stage banter. 


As a performer and songwriter, Gabrielle has made a commitment towards the environment and important social issues.

The marriage of creativity and environmentalism has been powerful and rewarding for her.
Some projects and non profits that she's lent her time, energy and music to are:

-Citizens for a Healthy Community, a non-profit organization coordinating community members who believe that fracking should be stopped in the beautiful North Fork Valley.
-The Muse’s Market, a musical production which sought to address social issues and present sustainability-focused solutions through multi-media art, music, and theater. For those who have not forgotten the word, a modern day Chautauqua. (President Roosevelt called the Chautauqua, "The most American thing in America!")
-No Water to Waste, a documentary film about water issues in the Denver Metropolitan area and the depletion of the Colorado River.
-The “Save the Arkansas River” campaign, which she supported by releasing a theme song for the campaign.
-a series of lectures at a a national string of colleges and universities that told her story of combining music and environmentalism. In addition to a performance of her original songs highlighting respect for the natural world, it included an inspirational speech designed to help students think outside the box in their own career choices and create solutions that consider communities and the planet in addition to business and profit.
-Alternative fuel use has been a priority in her tour vehicles.



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