I Propose a Toast - New Song at an After Show Jam Print


I just found this video from an after show jam last spring...pardon us for having too much fun! This song is one of my new tunes that I will be putting on the upcoming record, "For the Brokenhearted," which I'm headed to New York next week to continue work on with Tim Mitchel! This project has secretly been in the works for years, and we are so excited to see it through to fruition!

In contrast to my last record, Mirror the Branches--in which we took pride in the minimilism--this project features many special musical guests, including (but not limited to!) Rob Jost on Bass and French Horn, Jefferson Hamer on guitar and harmonies, and Doug Yowell on Drums and Percussion. I'll keep you posted on progress once we get inside the studio!

For now, have a drink with us? :)

Gabrielle Louise