Song In Progress #1- Bubble Gum Income Print

A deer's walking in downtown Denver
cars are honking and yelling out
I know him, I know his dilemma,
everybody here has taken to shouting

for god's sake be more contemporary
write something you know that we can hum
mindless chatter topped with a cherry
give 'em a piece of that bubble-gum income

but I am not
trying to be a superstar
oh, I am just
hammering on my secondhand guitar
and I am not
part of the scenery
another creative casualty
begging someone with a big cigar
to make me, make me
a superstar.

jump on board, we're all moving
headin on toward an open landscape
Come on, life is for choosing
more than spoon-fed, friendly brand names
the whole country's been wearing chains

but we are not....
to make us, make us...

time- you can't buy it with your money
won't you try
the complementary kind
time- spent to buy amenities, accessories
and life's on loan.
Get the things you need from the dirt and seed and you won't be owned
no, you won't be owned.

cause we are not
a generation of superstars
oh, we are just
hammering on these second-hand guitars
and we are not
part of the machinery
another corporate casualty
begging someone with a big cigar to make us, make us

is it for good or for greed? just the handmade version, etc.