On Account of Me
-Gabrielle Louise

I think I'll drive up to the mountains, see the stars sail the night
sit up on a big stone wall & think everything I like, I'll think everything I like.
afraid you'll break me, so you lie to me. you call me chicken, baby just try me, just try me.

life is like a river, you just let the water roll
you have been the giver; giving takes a toll
I don't need an answer, but I need a little honesty;
& don't go changing on account of me.

my roots, they're reaching down now to the bottom of the well
I've been bartering with Jesus just so I can pay the devil, just so I can pay the devil.
standing here in mid-air, like a store front manikin.
consoling myself: we're all kings in the end, we're all kings in the end

you've been fortified
"don't you come around here"
you've got a moat I had to wade through
hoops I've gotta jump through
you knock me down & when I come to
my heart is just an aching thing
hardly even worth the sting
hardly even worth the fight till you start living... it's like swimming...


ⓒ 2008 Cinema Song Productions